13 Police Officers Shot in 24 Hours Amid America’s War on Cops

America’s “war on cops” is getting worse, with Friday being a particularly striking day. 13 police officers got shot in a single day, two of them fatally, across four different states.

It’s All Across the Nation

The shocking development comes after 2021 saw the highest number of murdered cops in 27 years and the highest number of ambush murders of police officers in 35 years.

Friday’s 13 cop shootings occurred in four different states: Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Nine police officers were shot in Phoenix, Arizona in a shootout after they responded to an emergency stemming from a domestic dispute.

To make the case more shocking, the officers were invited inside by the suspect arrested later, who then started shooting at them. Two of the cops subsequently died of their wounds.

Two police officers were shot in Frederick, Maryland on Friday afternoon, as they responded to suspicious person calls. The shooter was also hit and wounded.

In New Mexico’s cop shooting incident on Friday, a state police officer was shot chasing a car that hit his police vehicle.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a SWAT officer got shot at an apartment building as he was serving a drug warrant. The suspect shot through a wall hitting the lead SWAT officer in the body armor.

Commenting on Friday’s shooting incidents, in which two more American police officers lost their lives, while 11 others were wounded, National Police Association spokeswoman Betsy Brantner Smith declared this is precisely what they call the war on cops.

‘Downward Cycle into Chaos’

Brantner Smith, who herself trains police officers, and is a 29-year police veteran, told Fox News cops are “constantly attacked.”

To top it all off, police officers are targeted even when they are doing very simple things, such as responding to domestic disturbances, other 911 calls, or traffic stops.

In her comments, the National Police Association spokeswoman noted work has always been high-risk for American law enforcement officers; however, she lambasted anti-police rhetoric that has skyrocketed over the past two years from woke radical leftists.

She added it is only natural there would be growing numbers of violent and even deadly attacks on cops when people are constantly being told that anyone in blue uniform is dangerous, evil, and to be resisted.

Brantner Smith further expressed regret that vicious, anti-police rhetoric has become a huge political issue, not just a media issue.

She and Howard Safir, the former police commissioner of New York City, emphasized what is already well-known: reform of bail and prosecution practices by progressivists have enabled hardened criminals to walk free and wreak havoc upon communities across the United States.

Safir blamed politicians and district attorneys for repeatedly sending criminals the message they can commit crimes with impunity. This emboldened more criminals to carry guns, causing a downward cycle into chaos.