Five Nonfestive Crises Inflicted Upon You by Sleepy Joe in Time for Christmas 2021

At the start of 2021, you may have had low expectations of Sleepy Joe Biden and his Marxist bunch as they were about to occupy the White House, the federal executive branch, and the majorities in both chambers of Congress.

Don’t say Sleepy Joe and the Democrats don’t get stuff done – because they do. They just get them horribly wrong.

  1. Shocking Illegal Immigration Crisis

Have you ever dreamed of the great American nation being overrun and overwhelmed by hordes of third world illegals? No? Well, now you don’t have to. It is happening before our eyes.

Bringing in two million illegals in 2021 alone, 200,000 per month on average – not bad for a Sleepy Joe, right? That’s just the very beginning. His officially woke administration is just getting started.

You didn’t see that coming a year ago, now, did you?

  1. Unbelievable COVID-19 Pandemic Dictates

Maybe a year ago, you thought the coronavirus pandemic so graciously bestowed upon this nation by Communist China would be gone by the end of 2021…or maybe you didn’t.

However, you certainly didn’t imagine the countless mask and vaccination mandates that would be slapped on you left and right under the Biden administration, and state/local authorities run by Democrats.

They love crushing you. The more they keep crushing, the less you start to resist. They want to take this somewhere, somewhere totalitarian would be our guess.

  1. The Stupefying ‘Loss of the War on Terror in Afghanistan’ Crisis

Biden, during August 2021, managed to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan who were fighting the war on terror for 20 long, hard, bloody years.

He caused the collapse of the Afghan security forces and the pro-US government of Afghanistan, handing the victory in the war to the Taliban.

Biden bestowed upon them $86 billion worth of top-notch American military equipment; this made many of America’s NATO allies envious.

Biden even got 13 US troops killed in an ISIS suicide terrorist attack and left behind countless Americans. Wow. Just wow. This takes some real talent.

  1. The Dumbfounding Inflation Crisis

Biden started showering social security handouts on the general population. He also made sure to debilitate business activity with additional burdensome measures, like mask and vaccine mandates.

Additionally, Biden created and has since refused to address or actually fix the supply chain crisis.

We bet you hadn’t thought of that a year ago. However, Joe Biden did, and so did his highly inspired caretaker lefties. They inflicted it upon America, you, me, and all of us.

  1. Mind-blowing Supply Chain Crisis

Biden managed to put together both inflation and a disastrous supply chain crisis.

A year ago, you didn’t imagine the greatest nation in the world wouldn’t be able to dock and unload some ocean-going cargo container vessels, did you? Well, now you’ve seen it; it’s been true for months, and still is.

What president in the history of this grand nation can boast such an achievement? Actually, the senile jewel in the White House who has been successful in this regard can!

Just take notes: toss free money as benefits, slap mask and vaccine mandates, then you make your dock workers and truck drivers just vanish into thin air.

Bonus Crisis: Wokeness and Transgenderism Unleashed

You didn’t think that was all, right? Come on, now. The Marxist cabal led by Sleepy Joe can do better than a few mind-blowing crises, and they have.

They let wokeism and transgenderism loose. Critical race theory and gender ideology are wreaking havoc upon American communities, schools, neighborhoods, and homes, as you are reading these lines.

They are teaching us to hate each other because of skin color, to have inferiority and guilt complexes, to hate family and tradition, and to believe in fake identities.

Marxists want nothing short of blood, revolution, and totalitarianism. They won’t stop before destroying democracy, freedom, capitalism, and the United States of America.

They are a tenacious bunch, those Marxists. They are trying to do it right now, under Sleepy Joe’s senile smirk.


So we should all think, know, and act better from now on, because the stakes are incredibly high; it’s not just a bunch of devastating crises. It’s the very survival of America and western civilization at stake.

Are we going to let Sleepy Joe and his Marxist cabal get the upper hand, and destroy America as we know it?