Actual Brandon Startled by ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant, but Slams Biden-flation

(Brandon Brown's Twitter profile)

The “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan has armed outraged American voters, giving them a way of declaring, “F*** Joe Biden,” without actually saying it.

“F*** Joe Biden” chants emerged at college football games across the nation in September, shortly after Biden inflicted upon the United States of America one of the worst military and foreign policy humiliations in its history.

As the anti-Biden chant began spreading like wildfire at mass gatherings throughout America, in early October, NBC News sports reporter Kelli Stavast made the mistake of trying to censor it.

Instead, she gave it a new life and a giant popularity boost. Stavast was interviewing on the air NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, who just won the race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

As the crowd shouted, “F*** Joe Biden,” she famously pretended they were chanting instead, “Let’s Go Brandon!” The euphemistic version of the anti-Biden slogan caught on even faster than the original, partly due to the outrage at the mainstream media censorship attempts.

As a way of punishing the liberal leftist and pro-Marxist mainstream, Americans from all walks of life have been flocking under the “Let’s Go Brandon” – “FJB” banners.

They’ve been using the euphemistic chant on social media, buying merchandise with it, and downloading the several “Let’s Go Brandon” rap songs that have topped the iTunes charts.

Unwitting Victim to Mainstream Media’s Censorship

Unfortunately, there has been sort of an unwilling victim at the other end of this – young NASCAR driver Brandon Brown himself. He was celebrating his first race victory when mainstream media censorship created the anti-Biden chant that uses his name.

Brandon Brown just commented extensively for the first time on the emergence of the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan. This came in a report of the New York Times, whose headline declared the driver “just wants to drive” his NASCAR racecar.

In his comments, Brown indeed emphasizes with seeming humility that he isn’t knowledgeable about politics. However, he does express sheer outrage at the skyrocketing inflation, America’s highest in 40 years, which has been widely dubbed “Bidenflation.”

In his comments for the NYT, Brandon Brown stresses how he doesn’t want to be identified with any political figures, as isn’t interested at all in politics, only in his car racing sports career.

He also seems to be bemoaning the fact that “Let’s Go Brandon” emerged – thanks to the mainstream media censorship attempts – exactly when it did, as his very first NASCAR victory “was supposed to be” an all-out joyous occasion for him.

Brandon Shares Everyone’s Frustrations with Biden

Telling the story of how he was supposed to “capitalize” on his Talladega win, Brown reveals instead he’s had to “stay more silent,” due to the “this meme going viral”.

He notes there have been expectations of him to go political, whereas he is all “about the racing side.”

At the same time, however, while Brown makes it clear he hates the fact his name has become “the substitute” for a curse word, he says if that helps make the actual slogan “more polite”, then people, “by God”, should “go ahead” and use it.

In his comments, Brown insists “inflation affects everybody”, and it has been “a big one” for car racing.