America Moves to Give Putin Bloody Nose in Ukraine

(Boing's Harpoon anti-ship missiles may soon be provided to Ukraine by the US and its allies and be a game-changer in defeating Russia)

The United States of America just stepped up to intervene far more decisively than ever.

The US Senate approved a whopping $40 billion in aid for Kyiv and decided to supply Ukrainians with top-notch anti-ship missiles to blast off the Russian Navy.

$40 Billion of Critical US Aid to Save Ukraine, Free World

Defenders of Ukraine have been fighting off the Russians valiantly, killing off more than 28,700 Russian soldiers in battle, and destroying a whopping 8,000 units of Russian military equipment.

Western and US-made weapon supplies have been instrumental for Ukrainians in that regard.

This includes the highly popular, insanely efficient Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, and, more recently, the M1777 howitzers.

The US House of Representatives passed the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine in a largely bipartisan vote. On Thursday, the Senate followed suit with 86 votes in favor and 11 votes against.

The 11 senators who voted against were all Republicans led by the “America First” rationale.

Critics, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, blasted the dissenters for failing to appreciate what is at stake in the current Russian invasion of Ukraine and attack on the Free World.

Most of the GOP leadership has been rightfully insisting the best interest of the United States is not only to prevent Russia from conquering Europe, but also to crush Russia’s ability to threaten, blackmail, and sabotage the United States and our allies.

(TV footage snapshot shows a sickly Putin during the recent May 9 Victory Day parade in Moscow)

America to Help Ukraine Turn Russia’s Black Sea Navy into Firecrackers

The vast American aid package to Ukraine is expected to make a big difference in more than one way by helping the freedom-loving Ukrainians crush Putin’s brutes.

Funding is going to be used to supply Ukraine with American anti-ship missiles that can either chase away the Russian naval blockade in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea or vaporize as much of the Russian Black Sea Fleet as possible.

The US government is now seriously working to supply Ukraine with longer-range US-made anti-ship missiles. These would wreak havoc on the Russian navy, according to a report by Reuters citing two senior US officials.

The report comes against the backdrop of a Russian announcement of a supposedly mighty war laser capable of blinding American space satellites.

This was swiftly mocked by Ukraine as a Nazi-style propaganda “wonder weapon” and a forecast that Putin’s top brass are aware the war has been lost and may be plotting a coup d’etat.

The US government is especially keen to help the Ukrainians fend off the Russian warships.

This is a very important addition to supporting the fight for freedom of an independent nation and preventing Moscow from capturing Europe and destroying the West.