Americans Shift Republican as GOP Scores Biggest Lead over Democrats in 27 Years

The abysmal results of Biden’s presidency are already showing electorally. A substantial number of Americans have shifted from Democrat to Republican leanings in just a single year, according to findings by Gallup.

In fact, the GOP’s 2021 lead in voter preference is the highest in over 25 years.

‘Dramatic Shift,’ Thanks to Biden’s Failures

Since 2021, the preferences of American voters have changed by a whopping 14 percentage points, Gallup announced, based on its latest polling.

At the start of 2021, only 40% of the American voters identified as Republican or Republican-leaning, while 49% identified as Democrat or pro-Democrat.

However, towards the end of the year, the share of pro-Republican voters grew to 47%, while that of the pro-Democrat electorate dwindled to 42%.

The pollster pointed out in its announcement the pro-Democrat gap in 2021 Q1 and the pro-Republican gap in 2021 Q4 are “among the largest” electoral gaps ever measured in more than 30 years.

According to the pollster, the “shifting party preferences” throughout last year were probably “tied to changes in popularity” of the respective party leaders – Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

It noted that Biden’s popularity started to decline at the start of the summer amid his failure to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another hit came from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and then tanked further in the fall, amid spiking inflation and another surge in the coronavirus pandemic.

The pollster warns, however, that the five-point advantage of the Republican Party in voter preferences may have gone down somewhat. Its “latest monthly estimate” in December showed 46% of Americans identified as either Republican or Republican-leaning, while 44% were pro-Democrat.

Independents Shifted the Most

According to Gallup’s findings, the shift in the GOP’s favor included both “core party identifiers” and Independent “leaners,” with the latter being more than the former.

Thus, the number of Democrat voters declined by two percentage points throughout 2021, while the number of Democrat-leaning Independents dropped by five percentage points.

At the same time, the number of Republicans grew by three percentage points, and the number of Republican-leaning Independents grew by four percentage points.

In spite of the voter preference shift towards the end of last, the Gallup data still shows an average three-point advantage of the Democrat Party for the entirety of 2021.

Thus, the average figures for last year are, overall, a total of 29% of US adults identified as Democrats, while 27% identified as Republicans.

42% identified as Independents; of the Independents, on average in 2021, 17% leaned towards the Democrat Party, and 16% towards the Republican Party.

The pollsters summed it up by noting in early 2021, the Democrats had an electoral strength they hadn’t seen in almost a decade; yet, by the end of the year, those gains evaporated, due to Biden’s performance.

This led to the Republican Party enjoying the largest electoral priority advantage in the past nearly 27 years.