AOC Parties Maskless, Catches COVID-19

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the vocal, far-left member of the US House of Representatives, demonstrated her hypocrisy when it comes to COVID-19 rules imposed by her own party.

Marxist Hypocrisy Gets Punished

Back in August 2021, AOC went fully maskless while attending a protest organized by fellow radical Democrat Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri.

To top it all off, Ocasio-Cortez could explicitly be seen putting on her mask for the protest’s photo op, and then removing it. That’s against the backdrop of all of her “passionate” advocating for mask-wearing and mask mandates.

Most recently, AOC made news headlines with her COVID-19 hypocrisy when she partied maskless for a drag brunch event in Miami, Florida over the Christmas break.

On Sunday night, AOC’s office announced she tested positive for COVID-19.

The statement revealed Ocasio-Cortez is “experiencing symptoms” and “recovering at home.” AOC is completely vaccinated and also had a booster shot in the fall.

There has been no indication whatsoever as to how AOC got infected with COVID-19.

However, it seems very likely that she caught coronavirus during her trip to Florida last week; she was actually seen maskless not just during the drag brunch, but also at more than one venue.

During the drag brunch on Miami’s South Beach, at the Palace Bar, AOC was not only hanging out without a mask, but she was also seen hugging and being close with various people.

AOC Now Thinks Everybody Wants to ‘Date’ Her

Conservative commentators were infuriated by Ocasio-Cortez’s presence in Florida after New Year’s.

This is because the far-left radical has been lashing out against the administration of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over what she thought were “lax” anti-COVID-19 measures.

During her Florida trip, AOC kept her aggressive rhetoric going by responding to a tweet welcoming her to enjoy some “freedom” in the state.

AOC responded by falsely claiming Governor Ron DeSantis has been “inexplicably” not seen for two weeks on end.

Then, the vocal Marxist cheekily suggested she could do some “local organizing” in the Sunshine State. Ocasio-Cortez also claimed “folks are quite receptive” to her far-left, woke, anti-American rhetoric.

Republican commentators reacted on Twitter by exposing AOC’s failure to follow the COVID-19 masking rules, most often describing her as an “absolute hypocrite.”

One of the photos of AOC in Florida showed her together with her boyfriend, Riley Roberts. Roberts was also seen wearing Birkenstocks while being barefoot. This led Republicans to joke about his appearance.

These jokes seemingly infuriated AOC, as the obnoxious Marxist called those making jokes “creepy weirdos.”

From this point, the New York Democrat claimed GOP members want to “date” her, but since she is “occupied” with Roberts, they are “projecting sexual frustration” onto her boyfriend’s feet.