Bannon, Gaetz Want 4,000 ‘Shock Troops’ Ready for Trump Win in 2024

Trump advisor Steve Bannon wants cadres ready to man the transition to a second Trump administration in 2024. (Flickr)

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former White House chief strategist, and GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida have agreed there needs to be a “force” of “4,000 shock troops” to be prepared for “when” Trump wins the 2024 presidential election.

The figure and the exact nature of the “shock troops” came up as Bannon hosted Gaetz as a guest in the latest edition of his talk show podcast, “War Room Pandemic”.

While Bannon framed the recommendation about the “shock troops” in martial rhetoric, he made it clear those aren’t going to be “storm troopers” or any kind of a militia-style organization.

What he means instead are political cadres who will be trained and ready to staff the federal government immediately as the next appointments of Trump, in the event he wins the 2024 presidential election and is back in the White House.

‘When Trump Wins’: ‘Trumpism in Power’

Bannon actually demonstrated a great degree of certainty that Trump is going to win a second term in 2024; he used a “when”-clause, rather than an “if”-clause.

The former White House strategist also declared “Trumpism in power” would be both “fresh” and “new,” apparently suggesting a different approach to governing, compared with Trump’s first administration in 2017 – 2021.

It’s important to note that Trump hasn’t formally announced he will be running for the White House again in 2024. However, he has strongly hinted at that multiple times.

Using more military terms, invoking perhaps a reference to the Normandy Invasion, Bannon said those political shock troops would “hit the beach” as “landing teams” and “beachhead teams,” right after a Trumpism victory in the 2024 election.

“Landing teams” is also a political term denoting officials that are deployed to executive federal government institutions before a new presidential administration takes over. This happens after a roughly ten-week, lame-duck period for the incumbent administration.

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz wants to investigate the FBI and the DOJ. (Flickr)

‘Their Sphincters Will Tighten’

Just as Bannon predicted a Trump victory for the White House in 2024, Gaetz spoke about a Republican Congress not just in 2024, but also in 2022.

The Florida Republican insisted further that investigation efforts with respect to the alleged misdeeds of the Biden administration should begin first and foremost with the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Gaetz used even more graphic rhetoric, as he said, “that’s the job” he wants: investigating the excesses committed by government agencies under Sleepy Joe.

Gaetz stated if he got sent to the Judiciary Committee to investigate, “their sphincters will tighten,” just because “they” engaged in abundant corruption.

According to reports in the mainstream media, Gaetz is being targeted by the Justice Department in an investigation over having had a sexual relationship with a girl who was 17 years old at the time. He hasn’t been charged with anything, and he denies the reports.