Biden Calls Reporter ‘Stupid Son of B*tch’ Over Inconvenient Question  

Joe Biden has decided it is a good idea to insult reporters with nasty obscenities, simply because they dare ask him inconvenient questions.

Asking about Inflation? You Are a ‘Stupid Son of a B*tch’!

Clearly running counter to his prior promises of civilities, on Monday, Sleepy Joe uttered his most disgraceful insult for a reporter so far, namely, “stupid son of a b*tch”.

Biden hurled the nasty insult at no other than Fox News reporter Peter Doocy because the latter dared asked him about skyrocketing inflation.

Biden’s repulsive “stupid son of a b*tch” insult came after he gave prepared remarks, following a meeting with Cabinet members and the Competition Council over the huge consumer prices.

After his eight minutes of remarks, reporters started to try to ask Biden questions. It was then that Fox News’ Peter Doocy quickly wondered aloud if Empty Shelves Joe would have the decency of taking questions on the inflation crisis.

Doocey was then very swift to shoot out the inconvenient question, asking whether Biden considers inflation “a political liability” before the midterm elections, as cited by Fox News.

Sleepy Joe then replied with a nasty insult. He first ironized Doocy by saying that “no”, the inflation “is a great asset”, and that he wants “more inflation.” Then, Biden muttered Doocey is “a stupid son of a b*tch.”

Fox News reported that Biden was speaking to members of his Cabinet, and the mainstream left media claimed he was “caught on a hot mic.”

(Fox News snapshot)

Not Personal, That’s Just Who Sleepy Joe Is

Speaking on Fox News later, Peter Doocy made it clear he was taking Biden’s insult with a sense of humor; he joked by saying that nobody had “fact-checked him” and found that what Biden said “is not true.”

When he appeared later on air, once again during Monday, Doocy revealed that Sleepy Joe had called him in the aftermath in order to apologize.

“It’s nothing personal, pal,” the Democrat occupant of the White House told the reporter that he so brazenly disrespected.

Biden called Doocy’s cellphone about an hour after he was recorded cursing at him, and they had a “nice call”, according to the reporter.

Doocy further revealed that he warned Sleepy Joe he would always be asking “something different”, i.e. inconvenient, compared with the questions from “everybody else,” apparently meaning the reporters of the mainstream leftist media.

Biden then tried to glaze over the insult by “graciously” replying that Doocey has “got to” be doing what he’s doing.

Doocy ended his interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity by even further taking the high road. The reporter stated he appreciated that Biden took the time to call him in order to “clear the air”.