Biden Cancels US Nuclear Missile Tests to Avoid Angering Putin

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden isn’t learning any lessons; he continues to appease and thus embolden bloody Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Instead of demonstrating strength (the only thing Putin actually understands, respects, and is deterred by), Biden is once again caving before the Moscow autocrat.

This time, Sleepy Joe’s latest shameful decision is to cancel previously scheduled tests of America’s Minuteman III nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Biden is doing this since Putin dared to threaten America and the rest of the West with nuclear war.

America Shows It’s ‘Responsible,’ as Russia Shows It Isn’t

The cancelation of the Minuteman III tests is bound to be perceived by the Russian dictator as a sign of weakness and eagerness to appease him.

There is no question whatsoever the reason Putin decided to invade Ukraine was because of Biden’s weakness on foreign policy, especially in Afghanistan last year.

Instead of behaving as the chief executive of the most powerful nation in human history, Biden is engaging in the most counter-productive type of appeasement; this gives Putin the impression that he can get away with anything.

John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, claimed the cancelation of the nuclear-capable ballistic missile exercise isn’t a “step backward” in America’s military preparedness.

According to the Pentagon spokesman, the United States would like to show it has “no intention” for its actions to be “misunderstood or misconstrued”, hence why it is putting off the Minuteman III ICBM test launch.

Kirby said, as cited by The Daily Mail, it wasn’t an easy decision for the administration, but it was made in order to show the world America is a “responsible nuclear power.”

Trying to Scare Off Xi from Mimicking Putin

The canceling of the US ICBM exercise came against the backdrop of a vote in the United Nations General Assembly.

141 countries, including all Western nations, denounced Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, while 34 others abstained, and only five supported it: Russia itself, plus four other murderous dictatorships with close Moscow ties: North Korea, Belarus, Syria, and Eritrea.

Even a number of other pro-Russian regimes such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Iran abstained; so did China and India.

At the same time, however, the US military staged a show of military force seemingly directed at China, in the event China is considering attacking the pro-American island of Taiwan.

At the Kadena Air Base in Japan, the US Air Force on Tuesday showcased nearly 30 warplanes described as a “routine wing readiness exercise”.

The US Air Force exercise in Japan comes two days after Biden sent to Taiwan several former senior officials of the Pentagon on a mission to show US support for Taiwan. However, Biden’s weakness continues to place Taiwan and other allies in danger.