Biden Given Directions by Easter Bunny in Fresh Embarrassment

(Snapshot from White House footage)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden raked in a new batch of utterly painful-to-watch moments during the Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday.

This included him getting “saved” from a crowd by the Easter Bunny.

To top that off, the Easter Bunny in question turned out to be a White House communications employee dressed in a huge bunny suit.

Sleepy Joe has been shocking the nation – and, apparently, the world – with fresh gaffes and blunders almost every single day.

Many people now question his cognitive health and mental fitness to actually occupy the most important job in the world, that being president of the United States of America.

Besides the regular occurrences of losing his train of thought, slurring his speech, or wandering off disoriented, in some of his latest gaffes, Joe Biden “shook hands” with a ghost.

He also got humiliated by Barack Obama at the White House and nearly caused World War III with Putin’s Russia.

Sleepy Joe’s latest self-inflicted public humiliation was even more grotesque. It involved a nicely clad, fluffy Easter Bunny during Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll.

Sleepy Joe Snuck Out the Cage for a Few Moments

In a nutshell, Biden wandered off and went off script in talking to the public and reporters.

Then, a White House official dressed up as a female Easter Bunny rushed in to interrupt him and bring him back in line.

The “intervention” by the Easter Bunny may have been intended to save Sleepy Joe from potential off-script, public embarrassment.

However, the communications official in question seemed to overlook the fact that the very “rescue” of the Democrat president by a fairy tale creature subsequently appeared embarrassing enough.

Biden could thus be seen as he went astray, speaking with White House guests and reporters during the Easter event.

He certainly went off script as he could be heard starting to discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Sleepy Joe, who will be 80 this November, and who has routinely demonstrating senility, began answering a question by Nazira Karimi, an Afghan reporter.

In the available footage, Biden can be heard making an attempt to formulate a coherent response as he mumbled half-sentences: “Pakistan should not…”, “Afghanistan should be…”, and “people should be free.”

It was at this point a giant, fluffy female Easter Bunny swooped in, interrupted the presumed “leader” of the Free World with some waiving and jumping.

The giant bunny then grabbed his back with one paw and directed him with the other paw to where he was supposed to go.

(Meghan Hays – the Easter Bunny – Twitter profile)

The Easter Bunny Was There to Stop Him

The shots of the Easter Bunny ushering Sleepy Joe have proven truly bizarre.

The footage led much of social media to wonder how bad Biden’s cognitive condition could be for his staff to have an Easter Bunny keep an eye on him.

Subsequently, it turned out the Easter Bunny bossing Joe Biden around was no other than Meghan Hays, White House director of message planning, an official of Biden’s own press office.

Hays posted a photo on Twitter of herself with Joe and Jill Biden as she lifts up the Easter Bunny costume’s head.

In yet another episode from Biden’s Easter Egg Roll event that was no less painful to watch, First Lady Jill Biden was caught on hot mic telling Sleepy Joe what to do.