Biden Had Great Misgivings Over Kamala’s Affair, New Book Reveals

(Photo via Dawgonnit shows Kamala Harris with her lover Willie Brown in the mid-1990s)

A high-profile affair that Kamala Harris had with a California Democrat in the mid-1990s repulsed Joe Biden so much that he was leaning against having her as his vice-presidential candidate, a new book has revealed.

The revelation is based on an excerpt from the yet-to-be-published book entitled, “This Will Not Pass” by two New York Times journalists, which was provided to Fox News.

Kamala’s Promiscuity Was Supposed to Be Off Limits

The particular section from the book by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin is said to expose the process through which Kamala Harris ended up as Biden’s running mate.

According to the excerpt, Sleepy Joe had major reservations about having Kamala as his veep. Somewhat surprisingly, those weren’t motivated by what Harris said about him during the Democrat Party’s primary and debates, but by her past promiscuity.

More specifically, Biden was repulsed by her 1990s affair with Willie Brown, a powerful Democrat politician in California and a well-known playboy, who was 31 years her senior and still married to his wife.

In fact, Brown, who is 88 years old today, still remains married to his estranged spouse, despite having dated multiple women, and even having a child with one of them in the meantime.

According to “This Will Not Pass”, Biden didn’t want Harris to be his vice presidential candidate because of the “past romantic relationship” she had with Willie Brown, the first black mayor of the city of San Francisco.

It was Brown who appointed Harris to two “minor political positions”, as per the book’s wording, while they were having an affair.

The positions in question – a member of California’s unemployment insurance appeals board, as well as the state‘s medical assistance commission, are widely described as “lucrative.”

Harris was paid for those a combined total of $170,000 a year, as per a 1994 article of The Los Angeles Times.

Apparently, however, that wasn’t enough to keep Kamala off his ticket. Chief of staff Ron Klain insisted on the political expediency of having Harris as a running mate.

Joe Biden the Magnanimous – As Per Ron Klain

A previous excerpt from the same book last month revealed that Jill Biden practically hated Kamala Harris as her husband’s vice presidential candidate.

Jill, however, was agitated by the things Kamala said during the Democratic nomination debates in which she “attacked Joe.”

The new excerpt, however, reveals it was Ron Klain and several others from “Biden’s inner circle” who pushed Kamala on him.

In fact, the book reveals Klain told Biden if he picked Kamala as a running mate, that would present him as a “magnanimous, forgiving,” and “unifying leader”.

According to “This Will Not Pass”, other individuals that Joe Biden considered included Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham, and some members of Congress and “activists”.

Among those was also Stacey Abrams, but Biden’s team considered her to be a “lost cause” because she didn’t win the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia.