Biden Makes 2024 Re-election Run Conditional on ‘Fate’, ‘Health’, and ‘Trump’

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, who previously claimed he is certain to run for a second White House term in the 2024 election, has now made somewhat bizarre comments.

These comments are indicating the possibility of him running again depends on his “good health”, “fate”, and whether Trump will be running.

Not even a year into his term, 79-year-old Sleepy Joe’s prospects for reelection don’t seem great given. He has been causing major crises on all fronts – from inflation and the supply chain, to foreign policy and illegal immigration.

His public approval hovers around 40%, and that’s according to left-leaning pollsters.

Sleepy Joe’s Clarifications and Conditions

Speaking in an ABC interview on Wednesday night, Biden fell back to some “clarifications.” He said his 2024 candidacy would depend on “fate” – for which he has “great respect” since, in his own words, it “intervened” in his life numerous times.

Biden, 79, who is the oldest person to be inaugurated as US president then clarified further that his attempt to be reelected in the 2024 presidential election would also be conditional on his “health.”

He added right now, he is “in good health” – and if his health in 2024 is as good as it is now, then he would run again.

Biden also made it clear that another run by Trump was yet another “condition” for him, alongside “fate” and “health.

Joe Goes Cheeky, Overly Confident on Trump Rematch

He claimed a new Trump candidacy would actually increase the likelihood of him seeking reelection. However, Biden’s 2020 election victory remains highly questionable at best, and he has been messing up big time since occupying the White House.

Biden’s reaction to the question about facing Trump in a rematch seemed cheeky; he smirked, chuckled, and retorted the interviewer seemed to be attempting to “tempt” him with that proposition.

He then added a rhetorical question, as to “why wouldn’t” he run against Trump once more – a seeming suggestion that Biden would be confident in his victory.

Biden, who already sports the well-deserved nicknames of Empty Shelves Joe and Kabul Joe, has become the father of Biden-flation.

He is also the inspiration behind the “FJB – Let’s Go Brandon” slogan. However, during the interview, Sleepy Joe then elaborated explicitly that facing Trump again “would increase” his own “prospect of running.”

The one-on-one TV interview Biden gave to ABC News was his 16th so far. Compared with him, Trump had given 72 such interviews by this point in time in his term.

Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, was at 155; although, he generated additional interest as being the first African-American president of the United States.

Taylor Budowich, Trump’s communication director, reacted to Biden’s latest comments by telling the Daily Mail it is Sleepy Joe himself who made the strongest case for a Trump 2024 White House candidacy.

Budowich noted Biden’s policies are literally destroying America; if he doesn’t run for reelection in 2024, the Democrat Party will suffer the blow from the voters’ wrath.