Biden Makes Horrible Jokes About America’s Plights

(CSpan snapshot)

Even if the American public might be tempted to think the appearances of President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden cannot become more embarrassing or insipid, Sleepy Joe personally takes care of proving them wrong.

His latest public speaking event featured him telling lots of terrible, supposedly self-ironic jokes.

The jokes made fun of the plight of the American people that is due to the botched, Marxist policies of Biden himself.

Biden Mocks America’s Problems of His Own Making

Sleepy Joe participated on Saturday night in the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

During the dinner, he took the chance to tell painfully bad jokes about himself and the state of affairs in America after 15 months of his rule.

Left-wing comedian Trevor Noah also joined Biden in telling terrible jokes. He thought it would be smart to mock the spiking Bidenflation pummeling American families day and night, thanks to Sleepy Joe.

Noah also attacked Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis over the latter’s courageous stance against the vile wokeness propagated by Disney.

This all gave off a feeling of tastelessness and a liberal-leftist-Marxist elite mocking the actual hardship experienced by the American public.

Biden opened up by trying to ridicule the reporters of conservative network Fox News for being “vaccinated and boosted.”

After that, he tried to demonstrate some self-irony, by saying journalists are the only group of people whose approval rating is “lower than his.”

Biden was correct that both he and the mainstream journalists aren’t trusted by the American people. However, the very fact in itself is way too worrying to warrant terrible jokes.

(CSpan snapshot)

Sleepy Joe’s poor and bizarre “humor” didn’t stop there. He sought to use it in order to attack President Trump in more than one way.

He wondered what it would be like if Trump had come to the 2022 edition of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Trump never attended because of the overwhelmingly biased coverage of him and his presidency by the Marxist mainstream media establishment.

Biden went further, however, by declaring the Trump presidency to have been “four years of plague.”

Trevor Noah Tried to Outdo Biden in Telling Dumb Jokes

The jokes told at the event by leftist host Trevor Noah contained some badly chosen criticism of the Biden administration on the surface.

However, they were actually geared towards attacking patriotic, right-wing, and conservative Americans, along with the Republican Party.

For one thing, Noah said everything is “looking up” under Biden, including gas, rent, and food.

Noah then tried to mock both Trump and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, saying the latter is like a “meaner” version of the former.

The Daily Show host joked that DeSantis recently canceled woke math books so people wouldn’t know how to “count votes” in the next election.

Both Biden and the mainstream media conveyed a high degree of disrespect for both the core values and traditions of America, and its plight in all spheres, largely caused by the crowd in that room.