Biden Scared of Putin, Won’t Save Americans in Ukraine

Biden issued a highly perplexing warning, urging all Americans in Ukraine to leave the country. In the event of an imminent Russian military invasion, Biden won’t be sending US troops to rescue anybody.

Biden made the warning during an interview with NBC News on Thursday; he also made it clear he is afraid of a direct military confrontation with Russia.

Worse Than the Afghanistan Apocalypse

Biden’s call upon American citizens in Ukraine to leave on their own because they wouldn’t be rescued by their government and military is painfully reminiscent of Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It also brings flashbacks to his abandonment of American citizens and US allies.

That’s not even mentioning how Biden got 13 US troops needlessly killed after ISIS sent a suicide bomber to target American forces at Kabul airport.

Biden is thus demonstrating unbelievable cowardice before Putin, hence further destroying America’s reputation as the greatest power in the world, while endangering the lives of US citizens.

Meanwhile, the president is also setting up Russians for a huge advantage. If Moscow manages to defeat Ukraine, it might have numerous American hostages to use as bargaining chips to exact further concessions from the Biden administration.

Screenshot from NBC News

Kabul Joe Reveals His Fear of Putin

In his interview on Thursday, Sleepy Joe unabashedly declared any Americans who are in Ukraine “should leave now”.

His comments reeked of fear of Vladimir Putin and Russian military might; Biden remarked that in Ukraine, the United States is facing one of the biggest armies in the world.

Biden argued with a perplexing degree of certainty that the result of a rescue military operation would be Americans and Russians “shooting at each other,” in which case there would be a “world war”.

Biden further insisted that today’s world is “very different” from what “we’ve ever been in”.

Apart from exposing his cowardice and fear of Putin, Biden’s refusal to come to the rescue of every single American citizen, wherever he or she might be, is likely to shatter America’s credibility as the leader of the NATO alliance.

In this alliance, every single one of the 30 member states is obliged to come to the aid of any member under attack. If Biden would rule out coming to the rescue of America’s own citizens, why would he come to the rescue of any of America’s NATO allies?

In 2014, Russian autocrat Putin annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. He then caused an insurgency in its eastern Donbas region because the Ukrainian people dared to depose a corrupt pro-Russian president.

Now, taking advantage of Biden’s weakness and lack of leadership, Putin amassed some 130,000 Russian troops around Ukraine.

He’s threatening to invade, destroy, and/or conquer the entire pro-Western country of 44 million people if the US and NATO don’t agree to restore Moscow’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.