Biden Scores Double Gaffe of Not Knowing His Job, Thinking It’s 1788

(Social media video snapshot)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is on a stupefying gaffe roll.

Double Gaffe While Extolling Muslim Female Democrat

In his newest “senior moment” and display of senility, the 79.5-year-old Democrat made a double gaffe.

Biden was standing right next to his wife and apparent chief caretaker, Jill Biden, during Monday’s celebration at the White House of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Fitr.

He commented on Madinah Wilson-Anton, a Muslim House Democrat from Biden’s own home state of Delaware.

Biden boasted the 28-year-old Muslim works at the Biden Institute of the University of Delaware. He described that as “a point of personal privilege.”

After he was done extolling Wilson-Anton, he produced some of the most confusing sentences. Sleepy Joe claimed there “haven’t been very many senators” from Delaware.

He then remarked it is just “a small state”, and quickly added, matter-of-factly, there has “never been one,” which is why he wanted to “take advantage” of being able to “introduce her.”

This left every single American out there guessing what the Democrat resident of the White House exactly meant.

Hey, Delaware: It’s 1788 and Sleepy Joe’s Your Senator!

The most plausible guess about the meandering pathways in Biden’s senile mind would be that he seemed to be referring to himself.

Except what Sleepy Joe actually said was there haven’t been any (US) senators from Delaware, maybe up until himself.

This infers that Biden still remembers himself as a senator from Delaware, and/or that the year isn’t 2022, but 1788, when the first two senators from the state of Delaware took office.

As a “matter of fact”, as Biden put it, Delaware even happened to be the very state to ratify the American Constitution, and its first federal senators were elected in 1787.

That’s a whopping 235 years before Sleepy Joe could occupy the highest job in the land and start blurting out senile nonsense.

That’s not even mentioning that Biden himself represented Delaware in the United States Senate for a whopping 37 years; it must have been just as much a privilege for his home state as it is for all of America having him as its president.

This wouldn’t be the first time Biden referred to himself as a senator since 2009, when he became Barack Obama’s veep for the following eight years, and since he ended up in the White House last year.

Those blunders have been garnished with numerous others in which he referred to his veep Kamala Harris as “president,” along with others.

It’s worth noting that whenever Sleepy Joe isn’t making blistering blunders, he is down to just outrageous statements and comments, most recently commenting that American children belong to their teachers, not their parents.

Biden’s also been making terrible jokes about the very plight of the American public that he caused himself.