Nearly One-Third of Biden’s First Year in Office Spent in Delaware

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has raised countless inconvenient questions during his first year as an occupant of the White House. On top of that, he spent close to one-third of his first year in office at his two Delaware luxury houses.

Meanwhile, the White House is refusing to make public the visitor logs from his Delaware compounds, therefore hiding who Biden’s meeting with in Delaware.

The White House Occupant’s Obsession with Delaware

According to a count compiled by the Associated Press, Sleepy Joe spent a whopping 28% of his first year in office at both his family home in Wilmington and the more rarely visited beach house in Rehoboth.

The former property is estimated to be worth more than $1 million, while the latter is worth a total of $2.74 million.

More specifically, Biden stayed in Delaware for 99 days out of his first 365 days as commander-in-chief. Even more notably, he logged exactly half of all of his weekends over the past year in Delaware: 26 out of 52.

New Failures and the Newest Psaki Tirade

On December 30, 2021, Biden had a telephone conversation out of his Wilmington home with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

He was yet again unsuccessful in deterring the latter from continuing to threaten an invasion of Ukraine while making other threats to America and the West.

Biden also recently met with Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer. At the time, Biden and Schumer tried to pile pressure on Manchin to convince him to support Biden’s $1.75 trillion communist-style spending plan.

However, Manchin told both Biden and Schumer ‘no deal.’

To practically add insult to injury, on Tuesday, Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, vehemently defended his decision to keep visitors in Delaware a secret.

Psaki went on a rhetorical offense to defend the refusal of the White House to make public the visitor logs from Biden’s residences in Delaware. In her tirade before reporters, Psaki emphasized how Delaware is Biden’s “home”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

To clarify further why he constantly keeps going there, Psaki didn’t shy away from mentioning that due to the deaths of Biden’s late first wife and late son, Delaware is “close to his heart.”

Be that as it may, this has nothing to do with why the Biden administration wants to keep his Delaware visitor logs a secret from the American public.

Psaki then made it a point to explicitly claim the Biden administration has been more transparent in releasing visitor logs than other White House administrations.

Strangely enough, her words made it seem as though this is some kind of great favor that the “Brandon administration” is doing for the American people.

Meanwhile, the refusal to make public the names of the Democrat president’s visitors in Delaware only raises more questions about his presidency and what he has to hide.