Biden Vows to Speak Truth On Anniversary of US Capitol Protests, as Trump Suspends Appearance

President Joe Biden will honor the police officers who responded to the tragic incident at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Meanwhile, former President Trump has rescheduled a rally in Florida for later this month. 

His loyalists swarmed the Capitol building on January 6, disrupting the peaceful transition of power.

Trump was anticipated to hold an anniversary media briefing to bash the Senate committee investigating the matter. 

He is postponing the January 6th press conference at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday.

This is due to the complete prejudice and corruption of the January 6th panel of Democrats, two unsuccessful Republicans, and the fake news media. 

Biden to “speak the truth”

The White House said Biden and VP Kamala Harris will address the nation on Thursday morning at the US Capitol. 

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters the president will talk on Thursday about the facts of what occurred.

She went on to say that Trump, as well as several Republicans and right-wing media figures, spread incorrect and misleading information to minimize the January 6 attack, blaming left-wing activists.

Psaki added that four rioters perished on the day of the incident, while one Capitol cop died the next day. 

Panel Requests to Speak with Fox News Presenter

The House panel reviewing the Capitol uprising has sought an interview with Sean Hannity, a Trump media ally.  This is the panel’s first request to a journalist. 

The committee’s Democratic chairman, Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson, wrote to Hannity. 

Thompson asked Hannity about his conversations with Trump, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and others in Trump’s circle in the days before the uprising. 

The Fox News representative, however, refused to comment. 

The Select Committee values the First Amendment, journalistic freedom, and the ability of Americans to freely express their political views, Mr. Thompson wrote. 

According to one of Mr. Hannity’s messages from the night before the rebellion, he was “extremely scared about the next 48 hours.”

According to additional texts, Hannity may have talked directly with Donald Trump on January 5 about plans for the next day.

Sean Hannity has already criticized the January 6 incident on numerous occasions. 

Likewise, he has also been disparaging of the committee’s work, stating on air during December 13 that it is a waste of money and time.

The January 6 committee claims the 35,000 pages of information it has gathered so far (including messages, emails, and phone records from people close to Trump) fill in vital aspects of the biggest scandal in the Capitol in two centuries.

This was also broadcasted live on television. The group, which began work last summer, has questioned over 300 people.

Furthermore, the January 6 committee served subpoenas to over 40 other individuals to compile a complete account of the incident and its preludes.