Biden Will Force COVID Shot Every Year, Secret Video Shows

Biden intends to impose upon Americans a mandate of annual vaccination against COVID-19.

The motivation for that is raking in huge money, according to a senior FDA executive filmed secretly by conservative activist group Project Veritas.

The senior official in question is Christopher Cole, who is in charge of the medical countermeasures initiative of the FDA.

Biden Just Doesn’t Want to Rile Up Americans Now

Cole was recorded secretly by an undercover reporter of Project Veritas, posing as Cole’s date. Using a hidden camera, the reporter managed to film at least two conversations with the FDA executive in January and February.

Project Veritas on Wednesday published a report showing snippets from the secretly taped videos. It demonstrated the alleged plans of the Biden administration to keep forcing Americans to have COVID-19 vaccines every year.

According to Cole, the Biden administration is going to make COVID-19 booster shots an annual requirement for all Americans, as it has “financial incentives” to do that.

FDA executive Christopher Cole said people will “have to get” an annual shot; the Biden administration hasn’t announced the new mandate yet because it doesn’t “want to rile everyone up”.

Cole elaborated on Biden’s motivation to slap the annual booster shot requirement on Americans during another dinner conversation earlier in February. He made it clear the federal government’s promoting of COVID-19 vaccinations would have “financial reasoning”.

If they manage to get every person required to have an annual vaccine, this is going to be a recurring return of money. Cole stated Biden wants to inoculate as many Americans as possible.

The Food and Drugs Administration dismissed the secret videos filmed by Project Veritas, as cited by The Daily Mail. They claim his personal views aren’t those of the agency itself.

FDA Paid by Companies to Approve Their Products

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has spoken out with grave concern about the undercover report of his organization, demanding further detailed answers from the FDA.

Speaking in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, O’Keefe declared there seem to be “serious ethical issues” in the FDA.

He lambasted the federal agency over the fact it is getting money from those that it is supposed to be regulating.

O’Keefe emphasized that Christopher Cole revealed this influences how the organization approves products while he didn’t know that he was being secretly filmed.

The Project Veritas founder also revealed that he asked Cole to become a whistleblower and expose corruption at the FDA because he exposed some very true things in the secret videos.

In a subsequent interview with O’Keefe, Cole described the secretly taped conversations as a hack job because he was filmed while he was on a date.