Biden’s Approval Collapses to 33%, Left-Leaning Pollster Finds

Biden and his Marxist administration have huge crises in every single policy area. The American people seem acutely aware of that, judging from the results of a fresh survey showing an all-out collapse of Sleepy Joe’s approval rating.

Sleepy Joe’s Tanking Ratings

According to the latest public opinion poll by Quinnipiac University, Biden’s public approval rating stands at only 33%.

At the same time, his disapproval is at 53%, while 13% of the respondents didn’t say whether they approve or disapprove of the Democrat occupant of the White House.

Sleepy Joe’s ratings are clearly collapsing further, as in November 2021, the same poll found his approval to be at 36% while his disapproval was at 53%.

Apart from Biden’s abysmal approval rating with the general public standing at only 33%, the poll found his approval amongst registered voters was 35% vs. a disapproval rating of 54%; 11% of the registered voter respondents refused to give an opinion.

At the same time, among Democrat voters, in January 2022, Empty Shelves Joe was found to have an approval rating of 75%, 14% disapproval, and 11% abstaining from saying whether they approve of the White House occupant or not.

Nevertheless, Biden’s positions even among his hardened party electorate are worsening. In the same poll, in November, Sleepy Joe was shown to have the approval of 87% of Democrat voters, with only 7% disapproving, and 6% declining to give an opinion.

Biden’s Failing Miserably Across the Board

Sleepy Joe’s dreadful public approval ratings remained roughly the same with respect to each one of the major policy areas.

Thus, only a total of 34% of the respondents in January said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while those who disapproved were at 57%.

The situation is similar on foreign policy where 35% approve of Biden’s handling, while 54% disapprove.

Likewise, with respect to the Democrat president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the approval stands at 39%, while the disapproval rate is at 55%.

When it comes to assessing Biden’s first year in office, it still isn’t a pretty picture.

Tim Malloy, the polling analyst of Quinnipiac University, is quoted as saying Biden is finishing his first year with “low grades” on his yearly “report card,” as a result of his “rocky start.”

The respondents’ assessment of economic conditions after a year of Biden’s term, speaks for itself. The poll found 54% of Americans consider the economy to be deteriorating.

30% think it is remaining the same and only 15% believe it is improving.

The Quinnipiac University poll in January also found 76% of those surveyed considered domestic “political instability” to be a greater threat to the nation than foreign powers. Only 19% said foreign adversaries are more dangerous.

Quinnipiac analyst Tim Malloy underscored the “fear of the enemy within” leads to the “grim assessment” that American democracy is in trouble, and there is a future of “deepening political divisions.”