Biden’s ATF Obtains Illegal ‘Federal Gun Registry’ with One Billion Records

The Biden administration admitted the possession of nearly one billion firearms records, almost all of them digitized. Therefore, they set up an illegal federal registry of firearms.

The shocking information has been disclosed by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) in response to a letter by members of Congress.

De Facto Federal Gun Registry Illegally Exists

The ATF’s response came after a group of 51 GOP lawmakers questioned the agency in a letter about the growing database including plentiful personal information on gun owners.

In answer to the GOP lawmakers, the ATF revealed truly mind-blowing numbers; it is in possession of a total of 920.6 million firearm records. These records are keeping the personal transactions – such as the Federal 4473 form – of millions of American citizens.

While federal statutes ban the establishment of an official federal registry of gun ownership, in order to protect Americans’ Second Amendment rights, it appears the Biden administration circumvented congressional legislation.

The personal firearms records have been digitized. They are now available to the federal government in both hard copy and digital format. Ammoland reported this, citing both the original lawmakers’ letter to the ATF and its extremely bothering response.

The ATF alleges that it cannot search for “specific character strings” in the records in question. However, the usage of the character recognition technology practically enables it to search the vast number of documents amassed.

The Federal 4473 form all gun buyers complete at the time of purchase is filled with generous personal details, ranging from full name and contact information to sex, race, and weight.

Biden’s ATF May ‘Confiscate Our Firearms’

In a seperate report on the ATF revelation, The Washington Free Beacon emphasized when a gun retailer goes bankrupt, the private records it holds automatically become the property of the federal bureau.

This practice has boosted the fears of Second Amendment defenders that the Biden administration is setting up an unofficial, national firearms registry.

In November 2021, there was a shocking revelation that the ATF amassed records of over 54 million gun purchase transactions carried out last year.

Rep. Michal Cloud reminded the setting up of a federal gun registry is “explicitly banned by law.” Yet, the Biden administration is going around Congress and empowering the notably corrupt ATF to hold gun transfer records.

He expressed outrage that under the watch of Sleepy Joe, the ATF spiked surveillance on Americans owning firearms to “an abhorrent level”.

The report quoted the head of Gun Owners of America’s federal affairs office, Aidan Johnston, as saying the revelation about ATF’s one billion firearms records “is clear evidence” a partial “national gun registry” is already in existence.

He warned unless Americans stand up for their constitutional rights, Biden’s ATF may eventually even be able to “confiscate our firearms”.