Biden’s Banking Nominee is Officially Out

Most Americans can likely agree that private banking has a very huge impact on the country. Private banking is what allows Americans to make their own financial decisions, put aside money towards savings, and more.

Despite the recent politicization of the country’s energy production, there are still Americans who understand why the oil and gas sector matters so much. They are critical to people being able to heat their homes, put fuel in their vehicles, and more.

For these reasons, widespread and bipartisan backlash ensued when Biden nominated Saule Omarova to lead the Office of Comptroller of the Currency. Despite her later attempts to rewrite history, Omarova went on record advocating for the downfall of private banking and the energy sector.

This week, Omarova also withdrew herself from the nomination she received from President Biden, as documented by Fox Business.

The United States Dodges a Serious Bullet

During the US Senate’s confirmation hearings, Omarova was pressed about the aforementioned remarks she’s made about private banking and the energy sector in the United States.

Once the heat was truly on the now-former OCC nominee, she attempted to walk things back, stating she didn’t choose the best words. However, senators were thankfully not fooled.

Republicans, of course, railed against Omarova’s calls to end private banking and deplete the energy sector. Even some moderate Democrats, such as Sens. Jon Tester and Kyrsten Sinema, expressed some concerns and doubts about Omarova.

Ultimately, Omarova removed herself as a nominee, amid the massive backlash. With even some moderate Democrats siding with Republican senators in opposing Omarova, there was no way she was going to ever lead the OCC.

It appears as though Omarova finally accepted this reality and saved everyone a bit of time. Across the nation, Americans are collectively breathing sighs of relief over a bullet that has been dodged.

A Threat Too Close for Comfort

Make no mistake: Saule Omarova’s withdrawal of her candidacy is certainly a win for the United States. However, she never should have gotten as close as she did to leading the Office of Comptroller of the Currency.

Private banking is essential to the United States, as is the energy sector. Nevertheless, even when these remarks from Omarova came to the forefront, the Biden administration doubled down on its support of her.

Even after this individual removed herself from the process entirely, the White House still lauded her, releasing a statement about her supposed qualifications for the position.

No one who wants to end private banking and bankrupt the energy sector should be anywhere near the OCC. It is revealing that Omarova is someone Biden wanted to oversee banking in America.

What do you think about Saule Omarova withdrawing her nomination for the Office of Comptroller of the Currency?