Biden’s Economy Fails Badly in Job Creation for Second Month in Row

December has just become the second consecutive month under Biden in which the US economy created fewer than half of projected jobs.

To make matters worse for the Biden administration, the abysmal employment bodes badly for job creation in January.

According to the latest data released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Labor Department, the American economy created a miserable 199,000 jobs last month.

That is over twice fewer than the forecast of 422,000 new jobs. It is actually the lowest number of jobs created in any month of the Biden presidency so far.

The job creation score for November was just about as disappointing back then. The US economy created only 210,000 new jobs against a forecast for 573,000, as was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the beginning of December.

Terrible Employment Performance Even Before Omicron

The really low monthly figure of new jobs for last month comes against the backdrop of many businesses complaining about a shortage of workers.

This may be a direct consequence of Biden’s lavish unemployment handouts under his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

The fact of the matter is skyrocketing inflation, the energy crisis, and the supply chain crisis brought about by the Biden administration appear to be weighing down the entire economy.

The December report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at the same time, found the official unemployment rate declined from 4.2% to 3.9%.

Although, that measurement doesn’t reflect the real number of unemployed people, only those who report themselves as such.

Thus, the figures show in December 2021, a total of 3.1 million Americans reported being unable to work, due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This led their employer to lose or close their business. That is down from 3.6 million in November.

About the same number of people who aren’t in the labor force as in November (1.1 million people) were prevented by the pandemic in December from looking for work.

Also, roughly the same number of Americans (about 4.5 million people) quit their jobs in December as in November.

It appears the arrival of omicron didn’t play a major role in the low number of newly created jobs last month; it is expected to hit the job numbers of January 2022 hard, though.

Nela Richardson, who is a chief economist at ADP, a payroll processing company, forecast before the New York Times that omicron is likely to hit job creation in January, and even in early February.

Boasting about Biden’s ‘Unemployment Record’

Biden’s ratings have been pummeled by his abysmal handling of the economy, on which he usually gets the lowest marks by American voters.

One left-leaning poll by ABC News and the Washington Post, back in November, found 70% of voters negatively viewed Biden’s performance on the economy; half blamed him for the skyrocketing inflation.

Regardless of the shameful job creation numbers for the US economy, Ron Klain, Biden’s far-left chief of staff, boasted on Twitter about the record low official unemployment rate.

Never mind that it does not reflect the actual number of those unemployed. Klain started his tweet with a “BOOM” and claimed the unemployment rate declined more in 2021 than in “any year” to date.