Biden’s Ratings Crash Terribly as California Turns on Kamala

Both President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden and his veep Kamala Harris are seeing their popularity plummet.

The latest public opinion polls have Biden’s ratings among Independents literally collapsing, while the Harris is increasingly unpopular, even in her liberal home state of California.

Sleepy Joe Plummets with Independent Voters

Thus, not even 16 months into his White House term, Sleepy Joe is seeing his approval rating among American adults at a meager 33%, per the latest poll by Quinnipiac University, which is a left-leaning pollster.

The survey shows the plummeting of Biden’s popularity with Independents is particularly notable; only 26% of Independent voters approve of his performance as president.

Among Republican voters, only 3% view Sleepy Joe positively, while 94% consider his performance completely unsatisfactory.

Among the Democrat Party’s electorate, however, Biden still holds an approval rating of 76%, with only 12% of Democrat voters disapproving of his performance.

While Sleepy Joe’s overall rating among US adults is found to stand at 33%, it is slightly higher, at 35%, among registered voters.

Interestingly enough, Biden does score slightly higher public approval on his handling of the issue of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

On that point, Sleepy Joe got 39% approval and 48% disapproval. The same poll found 68% of US voters would like America to do more to help the Ukrainians, just out of sheer moral responsibility.

At the same time, however, 24% of those polled were opposed.

The poll also asked US adults whether they think Putin is a “war criminal”, with a whopping 82% agreeing with that proposition, and 10% disagreeing.

Besides that, 71% of those polled said they are convinced the Moscow autocrat directly ordered Russian soldiers to murder civilians in Ukraine, while 14% disagree.

Even though it is left-leaning, the Quinnipiac survey shows the ratings of Biden, who just got pooped on by a bird, to be on the lower end.

The polling average of Real Clear Politics, a centrist outlet, shows Biden’s rating at 40.6%, based on an aggregate of the results from different pollsters.

Even California Loses Trust in Kamala

In the meantime, Biden’s equally gaffe-prone veep, Kamala Harris, also got bad news rating-wise.

Voters in her home state, liberal California, aren’t quite satisfied with her performance over the past 15 months.

Thus, according to results of a far-left-leaning poll by UC Berkeley and The Los Angeles Times, only 35% of adults in California approve of the job Harris has done so far; her disapproval rating stands at 45%.

The latest numbers show a worsening picture for Kamala in her home state after, in February, she was found to have 38% approval.

From 2004 to 2011, Harris was the district attorney of San Francisco, and from 2011 to 2017, she served as California’s attorney general.

As veep, Harris has been just as gaffe-prone and blunder-prone as her boss Joe Biden, who is 22 years her senior. Her gaffes have ranged from bizarre to potentially dangerous blunders on the world stage.