BIG NEWS: The FBI Was Involved in January 6

"FBI Field Office" by Maryland GovPics

While everyone has been intensely fixated on the voting in the recent midterms, the New York Times published an important story on January 6 that few noticed.

Recall when Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) interrogated an FBI officer regarding FBI or classified human informants (whistleblowers) who may have been implicated in or had knowledge of the events on January 6?

Top-Placed FBI Spy in the Oathkeepers…

Per the New York Times, one of the Oathkeepers’ top leaders, their VP, was an FBI agent.

The FBI informant was implanted for several months within Stewart Rhodes’ ingroup, the founder of the Oath Keepers militia.

The informant will likely appear as a defense expert in Mr. Rhodes’ trial for treasonous conspiracy in relation to the incident on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Greg McWhirter, the insider, was the vice president of the Oath Keepers but was surreptitiously documenting to the F.B.I on the group’s operations in the months and weeks preceding the Capitol incident, according to two persons with knowledge of the situation.

Mr. McWhirter is indeed the second confirmed secret F.B.I. source who could have provided federal officials with information about the Oath Keepers prior to January 6. This raises issues as to why authorities did not have more information about the Capitol attack.

At the beginning of Mr. Rhodes’ trial, longtime West Virginia Oath Keeper Abdullah Rasheed appeared in front of the jury.

He told the F.B.I. that he was frightened by the aggressive rhetoric used by Mr. Rhodes during one November 2020 video call with associates of his organization and provided a recorded conversation.

Mr. Rasheed claimed that the more he listened to the call, the more it seemed like we were going to war with the United States government.

The F.B.I. authorities did not reply to Mr. Rasheed’s early efforts to reach them and did not approach him until after January 6.

In the months preceding January 6, the F.B.I. also had a whistleblower within the Kansas City chapter of the Proud Boys. On January 6, this individual, a low-level representative of the far-right organization, marched into the Capitol with fellow Proud Boys.

However, in discussions with the authorities prior to the assault on the Capitol, he informed investigators that the group had not intended to destroy the building and prevent the 2020 election accreditation.

In addition, the leader of the Proud Boys had been a state spy in the past and had been jailed prior to January 6; thus, he was not present at the scene of the violence.

Questions That Need Answers

Even the New York Times slipped in this essential query. Why wasn’t it halted earlier if it was a “treasonous conspiracy” and not an impromptu riot if the FBI possessed all of these contacts and claimed it was a pre-planned event?

Why didn’t the FBI investigate Rasheed’s information when they received it? It does seem that you’d want to check back on anything so particular, especially if he indicated that there were concerns about violence. So why did they not?

Why did the authority not call McWhirter to the stand if he was a classified human source? Why did they not want the jury to know that a classified human source was involved in the case? Why does the defense wish to question him?

There are several questions present here. With all the issues that a new GOP majority may have on its plate, Ted Cruz may wish to reopen the investigation and finally get to the bottom of all this.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.