BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi is Leaving Her Job?

Nancy Pelosi, 82, is expected to retire if and when the GOP regains the House in today’s midterm elections.

CNN reports that Pelosi stated the hammer assault on her husband would affect her retirement plans.

In an interview, Anderson Cooper didn’t inquire if she planned to retire but if she’d made a decision. She wavered, then claimed recent events influenced her decision.

Could Pelosi’s Daughter Take Over Next?

She’s still stating what she proposes to accomplish, but the suggestion is that she might need to be home more now than before. CNN’s panel agreed.

Republicans taking back the House is a foregone conclusion. Since Pelosi is unlikely to remain minority leader, she was probably going to retire regardless, but this may make the choice simpler. So, what’s next? There are contenders vying to replace Nancy if she leaves. Her daughter Christine Pelosi is one.

Democratic activist Christine Pelosi, who has acted as her mother’s proxy, is poised to run if the seat opens. She hasn’t publicly acknowledged her plans, although she’s engaged on social media and in Democratic Party matters. She refused to respond on the race, saying she’d discuss it after November.

The battle for Nancy Pelosi’s seat may not be public, but it’s already beginning.

Christine Pelosi’s political activism, Capitol Hill links, and work mentoring young female leaders have aided her in developing a web of political actors.

Pelosi’s mother’s support and name familiarity are apparent. This race isn’t over yet. State Sen. Scott Wiener, a centrist in far-left San Francisco, would be a significant opponent. Wiener has strengths within the party as well despite being a far-left lunatic.

Bye Bye Nancy?

There’s no doubt that Nancy has other priorities right now, and somebody like Wiener is hungrily eyeing his chances.

Could this be it for Pelosi, such a longtime political veteran?

Wiener Time?

Wiener wants to ease California’s housing bottleneck by lowering construction hurdles, especially for multi-unit structures.

This attitude helped him win the support of real estate interests. It’s helped him develop a network of tech-savvy San Francisco backers.

Wiener would be the city’s first out-gay congressman.

Wiener has pushed for measures and budget disbursements that will directly benefit the community and has gotten death threats for doing so, such as for a plan to change California’s sex register law by removing sanctions for same-sex and heterosexual conduct.

Others are waiting in the wings.

San Francisco unionists dislike Wiener’s housing attitude and may run their own contender. Nobody wants to insult Nancy, certainly after her husband’s assault.

No one wishes to offend Nancy Pelosi politically, but it’s clear that her time as House Speaker is naturally unfolding to a close, especially given what’s going on at home.

Things might change rapidly if House Democrats get the beating everyone predicts today.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.