Butcher of Ukraine Putin Sets Date for ‘Victory Day’ in Nauseating War

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Ukrainian soldiers inspecting a destroyed Russian tank)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin appears to be increasingly delusional.

He has set a “victory day” for himself in the Ukraine invasion; never mind that his troops are performing terribly, thanks to the bold resistance of Ukrainians and abysmal logistics of the invaders.

Regardless of all of that, Putin declared May 9 will be the “end” of his war in Ukraine.

This is according to Ukrainian officials and the general staff of the military in Kyiv with information from Ukraine’s intelligence.

Old Trite World War II Victory Day

The date of May 9 was chosen by Putin because it is also the day when Russia celebrates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Putin’s demand of his troops to win the war in Ukraine by May 9 seems awfully preposterous, considering how badly they have been failing in the sickening invasion.

All of Ukraine was supposed to have fallen within 72 hours after the Russians crossed into it from three sides – the north, the east, and the south.

Instead, after 32 days of fighting, the Ukrainians have killed more than 16,600 Russian troops. They have wounded tens of thousands of others, as per the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Ukrainians also destroyed 582 Russian tanks, 1,664 armored personnel carriers, 1,144 trucks and other vehicles, and nearly 300 artillery pieces.

Ukraine also took out nearly 150 missile launcher trucks, 73 fuel trucks – and have downed 127 Russian attack helicopters, 121 warplanes, and 56 drones.

According to another recent Ukrainian intelligence report, Putin is worried precisely by the loss of thousands of units of military equipment, not by the loss of life; he told his generals that even 50,000 Russian war casualties would be acceptable.

Ukraine Destroyed Myth of Russia’s Invincible Military

According to the general staff of the Ukrainian military, the expectation in Moscow has been underlined by the relentless Russian war propaganda.

In the same post, the Ukrainian military’s general stuff underscores how Putin’s May 9 victory demands may be sheer wishful thinking.

Russian medical institutions have set up massive field hospitals near the border with Ukraine; those are packed with wounded Russian soldiers.

In particular, the Ukrainian military noted, Putin’s military is rushing to replenish its airborne troops who have been decimated by the Ukrainians.

The post also revealed that a Russian brigade in Crimea held a funeral ceremony for 100 of its members. A Russian Marine unit in the Crimean city of Sevastopol has done the same.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reiterated allegations by other Ukrainian officials that Putin already kidnapped 400,000 Ukrainian civilians (including thousands of children).

Many Ukrainians have already been deported to Stalin-and-Hitler-style labor camps in Siberia.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russians have established “filtration camps” for “processing” Ukrainian civilians. These camps are located in Dokuchaivsk, which is in the Russian-occupied parts of the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine.