China Accuses US of Bribing Athletes to Sabotage 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

China’s ruling communist regime has succumbed to a new low in its propaganda war against the United States. It just accused America of bribing athletes participating in the upcoming Olympics in Beijing to sabotage the games.

Bribing Olympic Athletes? Is That What the Commies Do?

The 2022 Winter Olympics are being hosted by the Chinese capital between February 4 and February 20. The United States is boycotting the Olympics diplomatically because of China’s ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide against ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Among the most shocking atrocities the Chinese regime has committed, there is the forced sterilization of Uyghur women so they don’t have children of their ethnicity.

China keeps denying that it is committing genocide against the Uyghurs; although, it admits to sending many of them to “re-education camps”, which appear to be Nazi and Soviet-type concentration camps.

Now, the Chinese Foreign Ministry is accusing the US of planning to bribe Olympic athletes from different countries in order to “sabotage” the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the bizarre allegations on Saturday, saying Olympians from countries “bribed” by the United States will make “half-hearted” efforts in the sports contests and then censure the communist regime.

More from the Communists in Beijing

According to the official of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the propaganda report has exposed some Americans’ real intentions to politicize sports, sabotage, and interfere with the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The Chinese communists are particularly enraged by the US calling out of the Uyghur genocide unfolding before the eyes of the world because Chinese leader Xi Jinping loves to use the hosting of major sports events in order to show off its “successfulness”.

The lowly accusations that the US would resort to bribing athletes to criticize China comes after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi himself warned the United States to “stop interfering” with the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The accusations against the US come after the Chinese ambassador in Washington, DC threatened that there would be war if America keeps supporting Taiwan.

The accusations thrown at the US by China’s propaganda apparatus might also be designed to neutralize any natural criticism of the communist regime and/or the organization of the Olympics by some athletes who might decide to speak out during or after the event.

International observers believe while the Beijing Olympics are operating until February 20, neither China is going to attack US ally Taiwan, which it claims as a province, nor is Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who is friends with Chinese leader Xi, going to attack Ukraine.

Both autocrats would avoid major aggression during that time, in order not to steal focus from the Olympics, which are important for Xi as a means of gaining international prestige.