Chinese Rise Up Against Brutal, Communist COVID-19 Crackdown

(Social media footage snapshot shows a police crackdown on COVID-19 protesters in Shanghai, China)

A de facto rebellion appears to be going on at present in Shanghai, the largest city in Communist China.

The authorities are carrying out a seemingly savage crackdown on the population over COVID-19. This comes in scenes of public disobedience against the regime not seen in decades.

Unprecedented Civil Disobedience in Communist China

The regime of President Xi Jinping has been implementing a particularly brutal policy of “zero COVID”, with draconian isolations of patients or individuals under quarantine.

That has been implemented without any regard whatsoever for civil rights, human rights, or basic human decency.

Footage coming out of Shanghai, leaked on social media, show locals scuffling with police officer clad in hazmat suits.

There is lots of screaming and crying, and seeming brutality on part of those detaining local residents by force, and pinning them to the ground, The Daily Mail reported.

The chilling videos appear to depict resistance against the Xi regime as the communist authorities decided it is a good idea to seize entire apartment buildings across Shanghai to turn them into isolation centers.

Similar scenes of police officers pinning resisting Chinese locals to the ground are also visible in social media videos coming out of Haining, located about 80 miles southwest of Shanghai.

In response to a rise in the number of COVID-19 infections in the city in recent weeks, the Chinese communist regime on April 3 introduced a total lockdown reminiscent of the initial months of the pandemic.

Prior to that, only some parts of the city were put on lockdown, but that didn’t stop the growth in infection numbers.

Cases Have No Symptoms, Communists Have Total Power

The spike in infection numbers has been caused by the milder, but super contagious, omicron variant of COVID-19.

As a result of the coronavirus spike, no deaths have been reported officially by the Communist regime in Beijing; the new cases overwhelming seem to have no symptoms.

However, that hasn’t stopped the communist dictatorship from imposing savage restrictions. Local residents are confined to their homes and banned from going out, even for groceries.

The authorities were supposed to be delivering food and water to each apartment and house. Yet, apparently, the deliveries went poorly because reports indicate many locals ended up with striking food and water shortages.

This has led many to rise up and breakthrough lockdown barricades with demands for food.

The public indignation and even resistance have grown as police have started to drag residents out of their homes to use the venues as makeshift isolators for overwhelmingly asymptomatic patients.

In one case, the Zhangjiang Group, the housing developer, said the police forced 39 households in one housing complex to evacuate so their apartments could be used for putting up infected patients.

The name of the housing complex disappeared from the Chinese social media site, Weibo, as of Friday morning.

Videos out of the Pudong New Area in Shanghai in which the police are cracking down on protesters were shared on Twitter by human rights activist, Jennifer Zeng.

People in the videos were shouting that the officers were beating them.

The scenes of disobedience in Shanghai over the extremely brutal COVID-19 lockdown appear to be the first of their kind since the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, which were crushed by the communist regime with tanks.