Chris Cuomo Readies Lawsuit Against CNN

Earlier this month, CNN suspended and then fired Chris Cuomo. The now-former anchor’s firing came after the network learned that Cuomo used his connections and position with the company to run defense for his big brother who was facing sexual harassment allegations.

Cuomo was in contact with former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s assistant and sharing details about findings he unearthed. Some of these findings regarded specific details about the women who charge that his brother sexually mistreated them.

After this news broke, CNN suspended Cuomo, stating they’d continue probing the matter. Within 48 to 72 hours after the suspension, CNN confirmed Cuomo was fired effective immediately.

Cuomo’s firing has now led to questions about whether or not he will receive the rest of the pay cited in his contact with the network. According to Newsmax, Chris Cuomo is ready to sue CNN if they aren’t prepared to fork over the funds.

What to Know About the Potential Lawsuit Against CNN

Before Cuomo’s firing from CNN, his contract was set to last for another several years. Amid his forced departure from the network, Cuomo is now demanding that CNN pay him the apparent $18 million that remains in his contract.

This isn’t just talk, either. The former CNN news anchor has been hiring legal counsel and is preparing to file suit against CNN if the network refuses to pay out what remains of his contract.

However, judging from CNN’s position on the matter, Cuomo may just have to move forward with the lawsuit. CNN has made it clear they have no intention of giving their ex-employee one red cent.

Furthermore, CNN declared that within Cuomo’s contract is a morality condition. This means that if Cuomo does something disreputable (such as using his company connections to run interference in his brother’s legal problems), the network has every right to let him go.

Finally, CNN is adamant that despite Cuomo being officially out from their network, they’ll continue to investigate his involvement in his brother’s defense from sexual harassment allegations.

Does Cuomo Have a Good Chance of Winning a Lawsuit Against CNN?

Due to the morality condition in Cuomo’s lawsuit, he may be out of the $18 million he would have made over the next several years if he stayed with CNN.

If this matter does go to court, CNN can easily argue that Cuomo’s breached his morality condition, thus giving the network every legal right to let him go without having to pay out the rest of the contract.

Nevertheless, Chris Cuomo appears determined to do whatever is in his power to get the remaining $18 million. If Cuomo does proceed with a lawsuit, more updates will certainly follow.

Do you believe Chris Cuomo has the legal grounds to sue CNN to pay out the rest of his contract?