CNN Boss Zucker Ousted as Sex Affair Exposed by Vengeful Cuomo

CNN’s far-left, pro-Marxist, and anti-Trump boss Jeff Zucker has crashed and burned. He had to resign due to the exposure of his long-time sex affair with a senior executive coworker.

This was exposed by no other than a seemingly vengeful Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor recently fired for helping his NY ex-governor brother beat back sexual harassment accusations.

Long-Term Secret ‘Relationship’ That Started ‘Recently’

Jeff Zucker was president of CNN since 2013. Apparently, however, Zucker has been mired in other highly unethical behavior, besides weaponizing news media for leftist propaganda.

He appears to have had a long-term, secret sex affair with Allison Gollust, CNN’s current executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

While both Zucker and Gollust are divorced, it remains unclear exactly when their secret relationship started; there are reports the affair actually began long before the now fallen CNN boss got his divorce.

Zucker announced his resignation over his secret intra-CNN romance with Allison Gollust on Wednesday.

It is particularly notable that in the same memo he hinted that his sex affair was outed by no other than Chris Cuomo, who recently had to be axed as a CNN anchor over revelations that he used his position as a journalist in order to influence the coverage of the sexual harassment accusations against his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

While Andrew Cuomo did see himself forced to resign in August 2021, he recently saw dropped the fifth and last criminal sexual harassment case against him.

In his memo, CNN’s already former boss Jeff Zucker made it clear that he was “asked about” what he describes as nothing else but a “consensual relationship” with his “closest colleague”, as cited by The Sun.

Zucker revealed that he was questioned about his sex affair “as part of the investigation” of Chris Cuomo’s behavior as CNN anchor.

The far-left propagandist further claimed that his “relationship” had “evolved in recent years”, and that he should have “disclosed it” when it started and “was wrong” not to do that.

His intra-top CNN management lover Allison Gollust, 49, also issued a statement of her own, in which she also tried to present their sex affair as having started only recently, after each one of them had already been divorced.

Thus, Gollust dubiously declared that their “relationship changed during Covid”, and that she regrets that she and Zucker “didn’t disclose it” when it was “the right time” to do that.

She hinted that she is staying at CNN as she stated she’s “looking forward” to more “great work” at the far-left network.

A report by The Daily Mail has detailed how close Zucker and Gollust have been for the past 20 years, including by physically living close to one another, and there are now reports that they actual both reside in the same apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Vengeful Cuomo is Going for More Blood

Apparently, Chris Cuomo is not limiting his retaliation by just outing the sex affair of Zucker.

A vengeful Chris is pressing hard to hurt Jeff Zucker. Now, Cuomo’s lawyers demand that CNN preserve all communications among Zucker, Gollust, and Andrew Cuomo.

This is expected to serve as evidence that Zucker sacked Chris Cuomo due to the anchor’s supposed conflict of interest over help for his politician brother.

To top it all off, Zucker’s lover, Allison Gollust, served as former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s PR director before she was brought to CNN by Zucker.

The four of them, the two intra-CNN lovers and Cuomo brothers, know one another really closely. Their relationships, mixed with politics and propaganda, clearly present an ethical and likely legal quagmire.