CNN Suffers Unmitigated Disaster with $300 Million Streaming Service Flop

(CNN+ screenshot)

Ultra-leftist network CNN just suffered a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions.

Its much-advertised $300 million streaming service, CNN+, failed miserably to take off and got killed off, just three weeks after its launch.

‘Uniquely Sh—y Situation’

For all the hundreds of millions of dollars invested, CNN+ managed to attract a miserable 150,000 subscribers at $5.99 per month.

The new streaming service of CNN never had more than 10,000 people watching it at the same time, according to the reports.

This led CNN’s owner Warner Bros Discovery to decide to shut it down, saving itself from further embarrassment and staggering financial losses.

The devastating failure of CNN+ – and its shutdown at the end of April – were announced by Chris Licht, the new CEO of CNN.

Licht justified the colossal flop by saying CNN’s consumers actually want “simplicity,” as well as an “all-in service,” instead of “standalone offerings,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

For whatever reason, the experts of CNN failed to figure that out before squandering $300 million on launching a streaming service that nobody wants to watch, let alone pay for.

Licht stated further the decision to kill off CNN+ was “incredibly difficult.” However, he also described it as the right move for CNN’s “long-term success.”

To make the situation with CNN’s abject streaming service failure quite bizarre, Licht, who announced the premature death of CNN+, does not actually become CNN’s official CEO until May 2.

The news about CNN+’s demise was greeted with gloating by Fox News, which Chris Wallace abandoned for CNN. There are reports now that Wallace might take over a 9 pm daily talk show spot vacated by Chris Cuomo back in December.

(CNN+ screenshot)

‘Empty Desert’ Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

A report by The New York Times revealed not only did CNN spend $300 million on the launch of CNN+, but it also squandered between $100 million to $200 million on advertising.

There has been all-out outrage among CNN+ staff, many of whom actually left stable and lucrative jobs at the network in exchange for glitzy new positions at the streaming service.

Many of the employees declared they are “aghast and furious”, as cited by The New York Post.

Among those who actually celebrated the disaster over at CNN was President Trump. He issued a special statement on the humiliating development for the leftist propaganda network.

Since 2016, Trump has been the constant target of CNN’s ill-intended, ill-advised media attacks.

In his statement, Trump actually said “Congratulations to CNN+” because of its decision to “fold immediately,” owing to its “lack of viewers”.

Trump then compared CNN’s disaster streaming service to an “empty desert” and he characterized Chris Wallace as “low rated.”

Trump concluded the death of CNN+ means one less piece of CNN to “bother with.”