China Sticks Taiwan-Bound Warplanes in Biden’s Face on His Asia Trip

Communist China brought out the big guns in a symbolic welcome for Joe Biden on his first foreign trip to Asia.

It dispatched multiple fighter and bomber jets, along with naval vessels, in huge military exercises near the US ally, Taiwan.

Beijing Throws Sleepy Joe Special Warlike Welcome

President Joe Biden, on Friday, headed for South Korea and Japan, two of the most important American allies, on a trip dominated by threats from both Communist China and the dictatorship in North Korea.

The regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping apparently thought Biden making it to Japan and South Korea after having been in the White House for 16 months was a great opportunity to flex its military muscles.

The Chinese military drills in the South China Sea appear to be meant as both a show of force vis-à-vis America and reinforcement of Beijing’s unjustified claim of Taiwan as its own territory and a separatist province.

The United States has been a close ally of Taiwan; although it has been maintaining a policy of “strategic ambiguity.”

This leaves Beijing guessing whether America would intervene if it attempted to conquer the wealthy island by force.

Biden arrived in South Korea’s capital Seoul on Friday. His visit there and in Japan will continue until Tuesday.

China’s military drills designed as a thinly veiled challenge to Biden’s visit will last from Thursday until Monday, The Daily Mail reported.

The Chinese government declared vessels and aircraft of other nations will be forbidden from entering the South China Sea. It didn’t elaborate on how it would enforce such a ban.

(POTUS Twitter photo shows Biden in South Korea)

China Not Giving Up Taiwan Conquest

After Russia invaded Ukraine and failed miserably, China was somewhat surprised by both the ferociousness of the Ukrainian defense and the highly unified western reactions to slap unprecedented financial sanctions on Moscow.

That seemed to cause Beijing to pause its saber-rattling toward Taiwan for a little bit.

However, motivated by the notion that “China is not Russia,” now the Chinese communists are returning to their natural aggressive posturing.

They are using Biden’s long-anticipated first trip to the Asia-Pacific region to stage a demonstration of their might.

The Liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier, has actually been on a mission in the Sea of Japan since the beginning of May.

Earlier this week, the Chinese also dispatched two H-6 nuclear-capable bombers in another “message” to the United States that Xi remains unperturbed by the failure of his partner, Putin.

Communist China, and some of its largest private or state-owned companies, avoided working with Russia since the start of the Ukraine war to avoid being hit financially by the West.

However, communists in Beijing are still going to seek to conquer Taiwan. On April 22, the Chinese government organized an emergency meeting on how to handle potential western sanctions.

The meeting was attended by Chinese government regulators, the central bank, the Ministry of Finance, the country’s major domestic banks, and even international banks, such as HSBC.