Democrat Backed by AOC Has Sex Affair with Her Ex-High School Teacher

(Jessica Cisneros Twitter profile)

News has broken that one of House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s close proteges, whom she is trying to get elected to Congress, had an extramarital sex affair with her ex-high school teacher.

This person is Jessica Cisneros, a feisty, 28-year-old Marxist-Communist, backed by AOC to unseat fellow Democrat, incumbent Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas.

AOC Protégé Had Nasty Long-Term Sex Affair

Cuellar attracted the wrath of far-left Marxists dominating the Democrat Party over his sensible stance against the erasure of the US-Mexican border and rampant illegal immigration.

Ocasio-Cortez even went down to Texas, flying first-class, in order to campaign in Cisneros’ favor. She promised to “flip” Texas and then flip America into some kind of communist anti-utopia.

Meanwhile, Cisneros is hardly any more dignified for any public office than her mentor AOC.

Cisneros began her affair with her former teacher, John Balli, in 2011. She was 18 and he was 41, according to a report by The Daily Mail, which acquired love texts they exchanged back then.

In the texts, the then-18-year-old future AOC protégé professes her love for the man 23 years her senior and her ex-teacher at that, calling him “babe.”

On top of everything, the Texas Marxist is believed to have started her sexual relationship with Balli only after her ex-teacher had already begun to date the woman who would become his second wife, Sandra Ramirez.

Apparently, the secret sex affair of Cisneros and her former teacher lasted for a long time. What is described as a “painful split” occurred in July 2014, when Balli and Ramirez got married.

Displaying the Typical Communist Marxist ‘Morals’

Ramirez revealed that Cisneros and Balli restarted their sex affair in 2019.

This, in a typically Marxist-morals fashion, occurred when the former high school teacher, today a lawyer, nominated his ex-student and lover to run for Rep. Henry Cuellar’s seat in Texas’ 28th District in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

The report cited Ramirez’s divorce petition, in which she claimed Balli had committed adultery without naming any specific woman; in his formal response, her former husband rejected the allegation.

According to Ramirez’s friend, Balli’s ex-wife lambasted AOC buddy Cisneros for causing their marriage to collapse.

Ramirez wondered how Cisneros could claim to be standing for women’s rights or any moral causes at all, considering how she “betrayed” another woman for many years.

The former wife also stated the relationship between her former husband and AOC’s communist stooge was “insane.” This is not just because of the adulterous, secret sex affair, but also because of their whopping age difference.

Perhaps in order to underscore the absurdity of the grotesque situation of Jessica Cisneros and her patron AOC, the campaign slogan is “Fighting for Families”.

Cisneros seemingly did fight for Balli and Ramirez’s family, alright.