Democratic Congressional Group Put on Blast for Tone-deaf Tweet

There’s no doubt the United States is in crisis. This crisis stems from utterly rotten leadership in the White House; the impacts of this rot are trickling down each and every day.

One of the clearest signs of all comes in the form of inflation. Every single day, Americans are confronted with costlier prices. Everything from grocery store products to clothing, gas, and even Christmas trees are more expensive than they used to be.

However, in the case of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), they apparently believed trying to gloss over this issue would help Americans forget. As noted by Breitbart News, this did not go over very well for the DCCC.

The Tweet Meets the Backlash

On Thursday, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee posted a tweet, thanking Joe Biden for causing gas prices to drop to $3.38 from $3.40 per gallon during the latter part of November.

It goes without saying this attempt to paint the 46th president in a positive light did not work out well. Despite the $0.02 decrease in gas prices the DCCC chose to point out, overall, the rates of gas are sky-high, thanks to inflation and Biden’s crusade against energy production.

Anyway, Twitter users did not hesitate to blast the DCCC for posting such a tone-deaf tweet showing such a disconnect from what Americans today are facing.

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee wound up getting blasted with a series of negative responses. Multiple users pointed out the prices of gas have surged so astronomically that a $0.02 drop is absolutely meaningless.

Other Twitter users noted the DCCC should show more of the graphics of gas prices, especially the areas where gas prices are soaring through the roof, thanks to Biden. Thus far, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee still has this tweet posted on their official page.

When Gaslighting Fails

Democrats are very much aware that polls and public opinion are leaning against Biden at a very rapid pace. This tweet from the DCCC was a clear attempt to make Americans believe the president is decreasing the prices of gas, when in actuality, he’s sending the prices through the roof.

As Americans can view from the responses to the DCCC, this manipulative attempt to gaslight the public did not go over so well. There is no way the Democrat Party can pretend as if Biden isn’t doing the United States a major disservice by spiking gas prices.

The American people get a firsthand reminder of this every time they drive their vehicles or put fuel in their cars.

What do you think about the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s attempt to spin a false narrative that somehow Biden is doing Americans a favor by lowering the prices of gas?