Democrats Delight Putin by Saving His Favorite Project

Senate Democrats just did Russia’s anti-Western leader, Vladimir Putin, a giant favor.

They voted to derail a Republican bill that would have slapped major sanctions against Nord Stream 2, the most favorite energy and geopolitical project of the Moscow autocrat.

Nord Stream 2 is a natural gas pipeline going straight from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, thus circumventing Ukraine and other Eastern European US allies, which benefit from the Russian gas transit fees.

Awarding Russia’s Autocrat the Big Money and Geopolitics Prize

The Trump administration took decisive action to stop Putin’s favorite project by slapping major sanctions against companies working on it. This nearly killed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

However, the Biden administration waived the crucial American sanctions on Nord Stream 2, allowing for its completion. Right now, the project is ready to pump gas; it is only awaiting the approval of European regulators.

On Thursday, Senate Democrats proved almost the entire Democratic Party is very Putin-friendly.

Cruz’s bill should have easily drawn bipartisan support, simply because it would have been to the benefit of the United States and essential US allies in Europe.

It also would have been to the detriment of Putin, a man who has been threatening America and the entire West for eight years now.

Instead, the Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill failed to pass; it needed 60 votes in the Senate, but got only 55 votes in favor, while 44 senators voted against it.

Six Democrat senators did stick to a principled position and back the legislation put forth by Ted Cruz. Weirdly enough, one Republican senator – Rand Paul of Kentucky – also voted against the key, anti-Putin bill to sanction Nord Stream 2.

Putin Will Have Greater Leverage with New Pipeline Running

The Biden administration has been brainwashing Senate Democrats with its own bizarre arguments that have handed Putin a gigantic, geopolitical win and cash prize of many billions of dollars per year.

Sleepy Joe’s stooges in the State Department run have been falsely arguing Cruz’s new sanctions on the gas pipeline would hurt “trans-Atlantic unity” – a kowtowing to the interest of some German energy corporations.

An even more ridiculous argument against Cruz’s bill has been if Nord Stream 2 starts operating, the West would acquire bigger leverage over Putin.

Never mind that Putin would be raking in giant cash and have leverage, as he would be able to turn off Germany’s natural gas whenever he wants to blackmail the Europeans.

To top it all off, Germany’s new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, a socialist, refused to commit himself to turning Nord Stream 1 and 2 off if Russia invades Ukraine.

All of this means America should never have allowed Nord Stream 2 to be built and start running in the first place. This is precisely what Trump and Cruz tried to achieve.

They would have succeeded, had it not been for the traitorous decisions of Putin-friendly Sleepy Joe and his Democrats.