Dissident Democrat Senator Uses Her ‘Cleavage’ to Sway GOP

(CSpan snapshot)

One of the most famous Democrat members of the Senate – Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona – is making use of her “cleavage.”

She’s doing this in order to influence her colleagues from across the aisle on crucial policy matters; she is evidently even bragging about it, according to new revelations.

Sinema, who is known for both her colorful, arguably “fashionable” looks, and her relatively reasonable policy choices boasted about the “political benefits” of her forms.

Sinema’s ‘Cleavage Power’

That is according to “This Will Not Pass”, an upcoming book by two New York Times journalists, Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Not just that, but she actually declared her assets are helping her sway Republican fellow senators who she described as “uptight.”

The Arizona Democrat, 45, is in her first term as US senator, which began in January 2019. Prior to that, she was a member of the Arizona legislature and served three terms as a member of the House of Representatives.

Besides her oftentimes scandalous looks, Sinema, acquired national fame in 2021 as she and another moderate Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, killed the $3.5 billion communist spending bill known as “Build Back Better.”

With every vote counting in the evenly divided Senate, Sinema and Manchin frustrated the massive pork-barrel spending hopes of their extremist left colleagues and blocked a number of other bills that were also supposed to be Biden’s landmark pieces of legislation.

Among other things, Sinema is also known as a fitness buff, and for her hard childhood and high intelligence, according to media reports.

The ‘This Will Not Pass’ book must be right in its revelations about the Arizona senator and other people.


‘Difficult, Aloof Arizonian’

According to the book, Sinema, who also identifies as “bisexual,” has made jokes to fellow Democrats that it was quite easy for her “to charm” male Republican members of the Senate.

More precisely, she “boasted” about what she described as the “extraordinary persuasive effect” of her “cleavage” on the GOP rank and file.

No more information are provided by the telling book on that front, but even the scant details in question seem to be revealing enough.

The same books also cite Sinema as telling one Republican that her father would be rather delighted if she were to “switch parties” and join the GOP, but she won’t ever do that.

The authors, who call Sinema “an aloof Arizonian”, also dwell on the long and hard talks that Sleepy Joe has been having with her to try to convince her to back his administration’s far-left policies.

Sinema’s stance has turned her into a “progressive nemesis.” The book authors quote Biden’s aides in the White House as saying Sinema is just “a difficult person.”

Although she apparently has it easy for herself in some respects, thanks to her “cleavage”, as she herself has revealed to her colleagues.