Elon Musk: Netflix Getting Destroyed by Virus of Wokeness

Netflix is presently being ruined by the “virus” of wokeness, according to the world’s richest person, Elon Musk.

Musk Hammers It Home on Wokeness

Musk declared it is the “woke mind virus,” which is simply “making Netflix unwatchable.”

His diagnosis came after Netflix’s own quarterly report, showing in the first quarter of 2022, the company lost 200,000 subscribers.

The report, which also forecasts the loss of another two million subscribers by the end of June, caused Netflix shares to tank by 25%.

Over the years, Netflix has been increasingly criticized for the wokeness of its productions, but over the past one to two years, many are viewed as “unwatchable”, in Elon Musk’s wording.

Wokeness seeks to achieve communism’s eternally evil goal of “class warfare” and the destruction of capitalism, freedom, and democracy.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s diagnosis of Netflix’s decline came as he was replying to a tweet about the appalling performance of the streaming service.

After Musk posted the tweet about Netflix being pummeled by “the woke mind virus”, one of his millions of followers replied the “woke mind virus” is actually nothing short of the “biggest threat to civilization.”

Musk is presently trying to take over Twitter, one of the top “social media” censorship platforms of the informal alliance between Big Tech and the Biden administration.

The Twitter board rejected Musk’s $43 billion takeover offer, but he is still seeking other paths to achieve his goal. He is the company’s largest shareholder with 9.2%, which he bought earlier this month for $3 billion.

Netflix is Blind to Wokeness Amid Decline

A huge part of Elon Musk’s agenda in seeking to take over Twitter is to crack down on wokeness.

Wokeness has seen the banning of former President Trump, while radical Islamist terrorists who are promoting the West’s destruction, such as the Taliban and even more radical factions, have been allowed to keep a far-reaching presence.

As an attempt to beat back its troubles, Netflix, being the self-defeating victim of wokeness, is mulling the introduction of advertisements and measures to try to stem password sharing.

Its new approach is presently being tested in three Latin American nations – Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile.

Netflix estimates there are about 10 million households who use other people’s accounts for accessing the streaming service, thus evading the subscription fee.

The streaming company itself made no mention whatsoever of wokeness as a core cause of its seeming decline.

Instead, it blamed the ending of the COVID-19 pandemic measures.

Netflix also blamed people’s different respective mindsets, along with the growing cost of living, presently accelerated by the Russian war against Ukraine.

Finally, Netflix also laid blame at the feet of rival platforms, such as Apple TV, Disney+, Warner Bros Discovery, Paramount, and Now TV.