Elon Musk Ridicules Bill Gates as ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji

(The collage tweeted by Elon Musk)

Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, has destroyed one of those who held that same title before him: Bill Gates.

According to Musk, Gates looks like the abominable “pregnant man” emoji invented by woke extremist Marxists.

Check Out ‘Pregnant’ Bill Gates to ‘Kill’ Your ‘Boner’

In a bizarre, but hilarious, Twitter post on Friday, Musk tweeted a photo of Gates with his bulging belly alongside the image of the transgender emoji of a “pregnant man” made by Apple.

Musk didn’t stop there, however. He accompanied the demonstration of Gates’ uncanny resemblance with the looks of the non-existing “pregnant” male with a comment.

He said he tweeted the two photos for someone to look at in case they want to “lose a boner.”

Elon Musk’s fresh tweet, in which he ridiculed Bill Gates as a “pregnant man” emoji, comes amid his efforts to take over Twitter.

Musk wants to rid the company of what he described as the “woke mind virus”, an expression he came up with to describe the plummeting subscription and stocks of another woke company, Netflix.

Musk, who earlier this month bought 9.2% of Twitter for $3 billion, is now attempting to buy out the entire company with a $46 billion bid.

His latest anti-woke joke may further enrage the Marxist staffers of Twitter, who have already been fuming over his intention to take over the social media giant known for its far-left, Big Tech censorship.

Bill Gates Previously Attacked Musk and Tesla

Musk posted his hilarious tweet about the “pregnant” Bill Gates in response to an earlier tweet of his, showing six hooded figures, which he described as a “shadow ban council” which is reviewing the tweet.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, while being opposed to woke and transgender extremism, made it clear that he is completely accepting of the LGBT community.

However, the hordes of social justice coach warriors out there seemingly consider him plain evil. They’ve done this since at least 2020 when Musk posted a tweet, mocking the made-up delusional pronouns invented by Marxists.

Thus, gender-ideology Marxist-Communists trying to terrorize Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling for pointing out the age-old truth that “women are women”, and “trans” women are not biological women, have also been labeling Musk a “transphobe.”

Bill Gates has previously taken swipes at Musk and Tesla in particular, as he characterized electric vehicles as “not viable.”

Earlier this year, Gates seemingly mocked Musk for Tesla’s acquisition of $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin.

The Microsoft founder said he isn’t worried about bitcoins’ “random” up or down motions simply because Elon is “ very sophisticated” and “has tons of money.”

However, there are other people who don’t have much money and still get sucked into crypto “manias” by the likes of Musk.