Trump: FBI Agents May Have Provoked Capitol Storming

FBI agents may have played a key role in provoking or even staging the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, Trump stated during his recent rally in Arizona.

Questioning FBI’s Role in 1/6

In his speech, Trump asked a number of questions about the part FBI operatives may have had in the storming of the US Capitol more than a year ago.

The hypothesis that FBI agents may have provoked the 1/6 developments in Washington last year to the detriment of Trump is typically described by mainstream leftist media as a “right-wing” “conspiracy theory”.

The former president also noted the growing doubts that one of the Capitol “rioters”, Ray Epps, in particular, may have been an operative of the FBI. Epps was shouting at the crowd of 1/6 protesters to “go in” and saying “everybody get in” the Capitol building.

Apart from hinting that the Capitol storming may have been organized or at least provoked by the FBI, Trump used his first campaign-type rally of the year to share doubts about the 2020 presidential election.


Trump has been dropping huge hints that he will be running for the presidency again in 2024.

However, he hasn’t confirmed this yet. Doing so now would put Trump at a disadvantage this early in the race since campaign rules would have to be applied to media appearances and fund-raising.

The former president did, however, note that the Republican Party is going to regain its majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate later this year and then regain the White House in 2024.

Biden ‘Wrecking’ Americans’ Lives’

In his speech, Trump lambasted Arizona GOP Governor Doug Ducey, who has been disputing allegations of election fraud, calling him “a disaster”.

Trump also brought with him on stage Kari Lake, a former TV personality, whom he endorsed to become the next Republican governor of Arizona.

In her own address, Lake declared America’s founding fathers would have been “Trump Republicans” if they were living today.

Lake also promised under her leadership, Arizona will work to complete the southern border wall. The construction of this wall started under Trump and was terminated by Sleepy Joe, the day he set foot in the White House.

In his long speech to the Arizona rally, Trump did not omit to expose all of the catastrophic failures of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden.

These failures range from the record-high inflation, the all-out failure to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, an unrestricted invasion of America by third-world illegal immigrants, and more.

Trump stated the “destruction” caused by Biden in the past year alone was greater than under “five presidents” combined.

Trump emphasized the decisions being imposed on the American people by the Biden administration are “wrecking and devastating people’s lives.”