Fox News’ Chris Wallace Defects to Leftist CNN

Chris Wallace has abandoned his conservative viewers over at Fox in favor of a defection to CNN. (Fox News)

One of the emblematic faces and star anchors of Fox News, Chris Wallace, sent tremors through the media landscape; he is deserting the conservative network and defecting to the ultra-left outlet known as CNN.

Wallace stunned viewers of the latest edition of Fox News Sunday, as he announced he is leaving the program he hosted for 18 years, since 2003.

Both Defector and Zucker Are ‘Thrilled’

The veteran anchor stated he is making the announcement with “real sadness”, and his time at Fox News has been a “great ride”. Wallace added, however, that he is “ready” and going for “a new adventure”, without revealing what that adventure might be.

In a subsequent statement, the 74-year-old journalist revealed he will be joining CNN, and, more specifically, “CNN+”, the leftist network’s future streaming service, which will be launched at the beginning of 2022.

CNN itself put out a press release, announcing the now-former Fox News anchor is going to be in charge of a “weekday show” for interviews of newsmakers from the fields of “politics, business, culture, and sports.”

In his own statement, as he abandoned his conservative viewers, Wallace declared he is “excited to explore” the new world of streaming, having spent decades in cable and broadcast media.

Jeff Zucker, the infamous president of “CNN Worldwide,” (who in tapes leaked by Project Veritas has assumed pride in the fact CNN has “taken down” President Trump) praised Wallace’s defection to the increasingly far-left network.

CNN President Jeff Zucker seems practically giddy over Chris Wallace’s defection. (Flickr)

In a rather celebratory report on Wallace’s switch, a report by CNN Business claimed the already former Fox News journalist had “multiple options,” as his last contract with Fox was expiring.

The report then cited an anonymous source as saying Wallace himself decided he didn’t want to renew his deal with Fox News.

The Statement from Fox News

Fox News itself also published a brief statement on the matter.

In its release, Fox News declared how proud it is of the “stellar” journalistic team of Fox News Sunday, which included Chris Wallace. Fox then said the other “star journalists” of the network will now rotate to fill in the defector’s shoes until a permanent replacement is appointed.

During his 18 years at Fox News, Wallace managed to establish for himself a relatively decent reputation of balanced journalism, as he didn’t shy away from “grilling” politicians of both major political parties.

However, at one point, his coverage did take a highly perplexing and seemingly unjustified turn, as he started attacking President Trump for a supposed “assault” on the “free press.”

This occurred at a time when the mainstream media was entirely captured by the left and increasingly turned into nothing but propaganda outlets of leftism and Marxism.

Any other details around Wallace’s defection to CNN and the liberal left – such as his precise motivation, his salary, or any promises that may have been made to him by Zucker in order to lure him in – remain unknown for the time being.