George W. Bush Nearly Killed Because of Biden’s Erasure of US-Mexican Border

Former US President George W. Bush has nearly been killed in an Islamist terrorist assassination plot.

This would have been fully possible, thanks to Joe Biden’s total erasure of the US border with Mexico, allowing anybody from the third world to just stroll over into America.

Plot Would Have ISIS Terrorists Waltz in From Mexico

The plot to kill President Bush Jr. was uncovered by the FBI last November.

It involved ISIS, the “Islamist State in Iraq and Syria,” smuggling four Iraqi terrorists from Mexico into the United States to “get the job done”.

Islamist terrorists using the southern border with Mexico to sneak into the United States and wreak havoc inside America have been a nightmarish scenario for the American public, which hasn’t materialized yet.

However, as indicated by the FBI exposure of the ISIS plot, the Biden administration may as well be creating the perfect conditions for that to happen, leaving Americans more vulnerable to Islamist terrorism than ever since 9/11.

That’s not even mentioning potential complications, such as the Mexican drug cartels actively cooperating with the likes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

ISIS Actively Seeking to ‘Punish’ George W. Bush

According to a search-warrant application filed in Ohio’s Southern District on March 23, a plot by an ISIS-linked Iraqi asylum seeker to assassinate President George W. Bush is active because of his intervention in Iraq in 2003.

The FBI’s warrant application details, as cited by Forbes, show that suspect Shihab Ahmed Shihab sought to bring four Iraqi terrorists through Mexico to kill the former US president.

In November of last year, Shihab traveled to Dallas, Texas, in order to film the area around President George W. Bush’s home.

The ISIS plot was also confirmed through messages from the WhatsApp account of the Iraqi suspect.

The warrant application reveals the main motivation of the ISIS operatives behind the plot was to “punish” the former US president for the war in Iraq between 2003 and 2011.

The war toppled the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and its aftermath enabled the rise of ISIS in the mid-2010s.

The report describes the ISIS plot to take away President Bush’s life as “far-reaching” and “sophisticated,” as it involves what are described as high-level international connections.

According to a report by NBC News, the Iraqi “asylum seeker” terrorist in question was in US custody as of Tuesday.

Shihab is said to have revealed he wanted to get four ISIS terrorist operatives – including two who are former Iraqi intelligence officers – to Mexico with visitor visas.

From this point, they were supposed to walk into the United States, courtesy of Biden and the woke Democrat Party. The ISIS terrorist was certainly ambitious about his “punishment” plot.

Aside from George W. Bush, he also wanted to assassinate a former general from the Iraqi military who cooperated with the United States during the Iraq war and is presently living in America using a new identity.

George W. Bush’s chief of staff, Freedy Ford, is quoted as saying the ex-president has full confidence in the Secret Service, along with America’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies.