Google Search Engine Now Infected by Wokeness

Wokeness, the brand of Marxism that seeks to destroy American freedom, democracy, and capitalism, has scored another major win in its appalling quest for dystopian control over the minds of the American people.

Woke Abomination is Marching On

This time, it conquered the Google Search Engine.

The engine is now going to be infected with a form of soft censorship designed to weed out “politically incorrect words” from searches.

That is, words that defy the ruling neo-Marxist-Communist paradigm that came to power with Joe Biden in the White House and the communist Democrat Party in Congress.

Their ultimate goal is to do away with American civil society, rights, liberty, democracy, and capitalism.

To achieve that goal, today’s Western Marxists are utilizing wokeness and “critical race theory” to spark greater racial “class warfare” tensions, thus ripping apart the American society in all ways possible.

While the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, is battling to take over Twitter in order to cure the “woke mind virus”, Google is seemingly kowtowing to the ignorant woke propaganda.

More specifically, Google’s search engine just launched what is called an “inclusive language” function to crack down on the use of “politically incorrect” words and expressions, The Daily Mail reported.

In other words, Google is cracking down on the very basic freedom of speech and destroying the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

Forget About ‘Housewife.’ It’s ‘Stay-at-Home Spouse!’

The examples offered to illustrate how the “inclusive language” search engine works are stupefying indeed.

For instance, when typing “landlord,” the users of the Google search engine will be seeing a warning that the word in question may not be sufficiently “inclusive to all readers”

Then, they will be shown censorship suggestions to replace that word: in this particular case, “proprietor” or “property owner.”

In this dystopian, 1984, woke contagion of the Google search engine, the word “mankind” is already a no-go; it is proposed to be replaced with the “inclusive” alternative “humankind.”

In other cases, “gender”, or, rather, sex-specific terms, such as “housewife” or “policeman,” will be advised to be replaced with “stay-at-home spouse” and “police officers,” as per the new Google Document-style program.

For the time being, the woke abomination the Google search engine is being turned to is rolled out only to “enterprise-level users.”

The report reveals, however, that Google’s woke censorship is not just scandalous in itself, but is also high flawed.

For example, it didn’t raise any warnings over a transcribed interview of David Duke, the ex-leader of the Ku Klux Klan, supposedly containing offensive language.

However, it did flag the inaugural address of President John F. Kennedy because he said “mankind” instead of “humankind.”

A report by The Sunday Telegraph quoted Silkie Carlo, from the Big Brother Watch group, blasting Google‘s “speech policing” as “creepy, wrong and reinforcing bias.”

Sam Bowman, from Works in Progress, an online magazine, said the program brings an “unwanted political/cultural slant” to a product that should be politically neutral.