GOP About to Take ACTION Against Biden

A day after regaining control in the US House of Reps, Republicans said they would scrutinize the president’s household as a primary focus.

The Legislators stated that the investigation would focus on the international business operations of Hunter Biden, the president’s son.

The 52-year-old is currently the subject of a federal probe but has not yet been charged.

How Deep Does the Rabbithole Go?

The junior Biden is not associated in any manner with the government. But leading Republicans claim their investigation will reveal the degree of Joe Biden’s suspected participation in his son’s financial transactions, even during his vice president’s tenure.

In a preliminary report issued on Thursday during a news conference, they stated that the president had misled the American public about his suspected participation in his family’s financial activities.

James Comer, the new head of the House Oversight Committee, asserts that the president’s involvement in benefiting his family is, in a phrase, egregious misconduct.

He stressed that this is an inquiry of Joe Biden, which would be their primary emphasis in the upcoming Congress.

They charged Hunter Biden with evading taxes and bank fraud but had no imminent intentions to call him to testify.


What Does Hunter Have to Say About It?

Christopher Clark, Hunter Biden’s attorney, told the BBC that his client had no reaction to the Republican declaration.

Jim Jordan, who is slated to become chair of the House Judiciary Committee, accompanied Mr. Comer at the news conference.

Later, Jim Jordan posted on Twitter that the Biden Family’s financial dealings pose a threat to domestic defense.

Democratic National Committee officials have retaliated by distributing a letter that refers to Mr. Comer, a congressman from Kentucky, as a Trump enthusiast who has made it plain that his bogus probes are political stunts aimed at harming President Biden.

The White House stated that the probes were driven by politics. Ian Sams, a spokesperson, stated, “Rather than continuing to work with President Biden to tackle issues meaningful to the American people, such as lowering costs, the republican Lawmakers’ top priority is to target President Biden with politically driven attacks filled with long-disproven conspiracy theories.”

Hunter Biden “cashed in” on his father’s position, according to a report published by Senate Republicans in Sept. 2020. However, the findings did not indict his father for any wrongdoing.

Time for a Reckoning?

Republicans gain control of the House by a razor-thin margin.

The new flagship inquiry is only one of many that Republicans in the House might conduct. The presidency’s troop departure from Afghanistan and management of the coronavirus outbreak are more examples.

When the next Congress enters office, the special committee reviewing the 6 January 2021 violence by Trump fans on Capitol Hill will be abolished.

Kevin McCarthy, the incumbent minority leader, has been named as the Republican candidate for House Speaker when the next Congress begins in January.

If selected, the California representative will follow longtime Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who declared her resignation on Thursday.

Mr. McCarthy has signaled that a Republican majority will reduce financing for Ukraine, but he must deal with a slim chamber majority.

Until then, Democrats will maintain control of the Senate, the higher branch of Congress.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.