GOP Lawmaker Defeats AOC for ‘Hottest Woman in Congress’ Title

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert has been awarded the title of “Hottest Woman in Congress”, defeating far-left, New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

On Friday, Rep. Boebert was presented by Jesse Kelly, the conservative talk show host behind the award, with a certificate for winning the “Hottest Woman in Congress” title.

‘Hottest Woman in Congress’ Wins $27 Gift Card

Boebert is presently in her first term as a member of the House of Representatives; she’s also an ally of President Trump, who endorsed her for reelection.

32-year-old AOC, a Democrat from New York, is in her second term in the House of Representatives, and is widely known for her loud, Marxist views.

As part of her winning of the “Hottest Woman in Congress” award, Lauren Boebert was given a partially-used gift card for Red Lobster worth $27.43.

Photos shared on Twitter showed a smiling Rep. Lauren Boebert holding up the “Hottest Woman in Congress” certificate.

While under the ethics rules of the House, members are allowed to accept gifts worth under $50; cash and gift cards are actually banned.

Kelly replied he understands the gift card may have to be returned, and emphasized his show will do its best so next year’s gift card could be worth $30.

AOC as a Bitter Runner-up

While Rep. Boebert was posing with her award, Kelly announced that Ocasio-Cortez remained her runner-up. The conservative talk show host also said AOC complained about the award.

Boebert is particularly popular among American conservatives, as a defender of Second Amendment rights.

Among other things, she has taken a tough line against Nancy Pelosi’s committee for investigating the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.

Boebert described the work of the committee, which consists of seven Democrats and two RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”), as a “witch hunt”.

She was recently involved in a controversy, which made her even more popular among anti-political correctness circles, when she joked about Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, one of AOC’s best buds in Congress and a “Squad” member.

Boebert jokingly called Omar “the Jihad Squad” because of the latter’s support for Islamist terrorist groups and for calling the United States of America and Israel terrorist states.

Subsequently, Boebert apologized for her joke, amid claims it offended Omar and other people’s faith. However, she refused to perform a public repentance as Omar insisted.

Last year, Boebert mocked both AOC and Joe Biden back in September. This was after AOC attended the fanciest gala in New York City with a dress saying, “Tax the Rich” on her back.

Boebert, in turn, posed a dress saying on her back, “Let’s Go Brandon.” This is the euphemistic slogan meaning “F—k Joe Biden.” Boebert posed with it in photos with President Trump.