Harry Potter Author Destroys Putin as He Claims to Be Like Her Amid Ukraine War

The terrible, internal rifts in the United States and other western nations caused by militant, far-left Marxism certainly haven’t escaped the world’s attention.

Misguided, hypocritical, anti-American “social justice warriors” have made the Free World appear weak, divided and utterly ridiculous by saying the Founding Fathers of the United States were evil, or that men are women.

Western Marxists Weaponized by Foreign Tyrants

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, thinking the West has become a total joke, invaded Ukraine a month ago. He clearly though he could just conquer Ukraine, rule it, or, rather, ruin it, with complete impunity.

Clearly fuming about his subordinates’ failure to conquer Ukraine for him, and at the united Western response, the Russian tyrant has taken to publicly using the plight of Marxism in an attempt to score a major propaganda win.

While his troops were massacring Ukrainian civilians with atrocious war crimes, Putin accused the West of trying to “cancel” Russia and its leader.

Putin said this is happening in the way renowned British Harry Potter writer JK Rowling has been “canceled” by radical Marxists for being bold enough to declare that a woman is a woman.

Putin argued that “they”, i.e. the West, “canceled JK Rowling” simply because the Harry Potter book series author “didn’t satisfy the demands” of the activists for “gender rights.”

Schooling Putin Like She Has the Transgender Mob

Prior to comparing Russia and himself to JK Rowling, the Moscow tyrant accused Hollywood of “writing off” the Russian achievements from World War II when the former Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany.

However, Russia did this in alliance with the United States and Britain, not to mention the fact that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was an even bigger mass murderer than Hitler.

JK Rowling, however, has once again demonstrated her pluck. She wouldn’t let Putin score a desperate propaganda win by using her name and exploiting the West’s weaknesses.

Rowling literally destroyed Putin and his narrative in a single tweet. She pointed out those “slaughtering civilians” who resisting their invasion, or who “jail and poison their critics” aren’t exactly well suited to criticize “Western cancel culture.”

She was clearly referring not just to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but also to his long-standing bullying of any of his domestic critics in Russia.

Putin’s main Russian opposition leader, Alexey Navalny, is presently imprisoned in a labor camp. In 2020, the Russian military intelligence tried to kill Navalny by poisoning him with a banned chemical weapon.

In her tweet, JK Rolwing added a link to an article about Navalny’s imprisonment by Putin’s regime, and the #IStandWithUkraine hashtag.

The Harry Potter author naturally resisted Putin, just as she has the bullying of the Marxism-transgenderism mob.

However, the far more important implication of this exchange is its clear demonstration of how the enemies of the West are utilizing the havoc wreaked by the radical left.