Hillary to Run in 2024 if Biden Loses Midterms, Ex-Advisor Predicts

Hillary Clinton is rather likely to run for the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination if the Democrats lose their majorities in Congress during the 2022 midterm elections.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Brilliant, Brilliant Strategy’

The prediction was made in an interview with WABC radio by Dick Morris, who was Bill Clinton’s advisor when the latter was governor of Arkansas and POTUS.

Morris declared there is a “good chance” of Hillary Clinton seeking the 2024 presidential nomination of the Democrat Party, but on the condition that Biden leads the Democrats to lose their slim majorities in the House and the Senate.

In that case, the likely outcome would be a “rematch” in the 2024 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a repeat of 2016, Morris added.

The former top White House advisor emphasized that Clinton “set up” what he described as “a brilliant, brilliant strategy,” unlike anybody else’s.

According to Morris, Hillary Clinton’s strategy in question boils down to a “zero-sum game” with Biden since “all Democrats are disappointed” with Sleepy Joe.

Hillary Portraying Herself as Non-Progressive, Non-Woke Democrat

Morris further emphasized Hillary Clinton is portraying herself as the intra-party opposition to extreme leftism and progressive wokeness, which appears to be repulsing numerous centrist Democrats.

Clinton warned the Democrat Party to be careful of what types of candidates it supports in “purple districts.” He insisted that, besides Hillary, the only other person who is capable of that level of strategic thinking is her husband.

He forecast that Hillary will “own the turf in the Democrat Party.” This prediction ultimately boils down to the fact that she is very well positioned to benefit politically from the failures of Joe Biden.

Morris also commended Clinton’s comments in an NBC interview in December.

During this interview, she appeared to criticize the overly progressive tilt of the Democrat Party under the Biden administration. She declared while the far left might be good for winning deep blue districts, that wouldn’t be the case in many other places.

According to Bill Clinton’s former top aide, in saying that, Hillary was “absolutely right” and is the only one with “the guts to say” it.

In his words, Clinton is able to say, ‘go to hell’ to progressives and not care about them. She can even run against them, as she is the only Democrat politician who is prepared to tell the truth before the midterm elections in November.

Hillary Clinton herself hasn’t come close to even hinting at a 2024 Democrat nomination run, but her comments in December have been interpreted by observers to that end.

While President Trump himself hasn’t formalized his 2024 run yet, he is widely expected to do so at some point; a 2016 repeat in the 2024 election certainly cannot be ruled out.