Hollywood Actress Denounces Vax Mandates, Marxist Crowd Goes Ballistic

The social media crowd of totalitarian extremists has gone berserk after a major Hollywood actress dared to openly and categorically denounce COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

Daring to Go Against the Marxism Controlling Hollywood

The powerfully worded denouncement came from Hollywood actress Evangeline Lilly, known for a number of major film and TV roles.

On Thursday, Lilly published a post on Instagram, in which she stated she backs “bodily sovereignty.” She admitted to attending last weekend’s 35,000-strong anti-mandate rally in Washington, DC, during which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave a fiery speech.

Lilly, who is Canadian, also rose her voice in defense of the current protest against vaccine mandates by Canadian truckers, who have formed a 45-mile-long convoy as part of their demonstration.

The Marvel actress declared boldly “nobody should be forced” against his or her will “to inject their body.”

She further enumerated threats used in order to force vaccination, such as coming under “violent attack”, being arrested or detained without trial, being left homeless or unemployed, cut off from education, alienated from loved ones, or “excommunicated” from society.

In her words, forcing people to get vaccinated against their will is neither “healthy”, nor “safe”.

Lilly emphasized “answering fear with force” will not resolve the pandemic problem, adding she’s as “pro-choice” now just as she was “pro-choice” before COVID-19, apparently a reference to her stance on abortion.

She reinforced her statement against vaccine mandates with seven different Instagram hashtags on bodily sovereignty and freedom of choice. She also posted photos from the “Defeat the Mandates” march in Washington, DC that she went to last weekend.

Leftist, Nasty, Obscene Calls for Her ‘Canceling’

Numerous Marxist extremist users on Twitter called for Evangeline Lilly’s “canceling” from Marvel, the Ant-Man franchise, and the studio’s films for all eternity.

That is simply because the renowned actress dared to speak her mind and take a courageous stance in support of freedom of choice.

Apart from the far-left crazies going ballistic over her statement, however, Evangeline Lilly also garnered support from those people who are courageous enough to stand for the freedom of choice like herself.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens tweeted that since Lilly is on the left’s “wrong side”, this means that she is on the “right side of history.”

For the time being, Marvel Studios hasn’t reacted to the actress’s declaration, and Lilly herself also hasn’t issued any responses to the nasty calls for her “canceling.”

Back in 2020, the actress published a post defending freedom, such as the freedom to move and defy pandemic lockdowns.

However, she was immediately attacked by the same crowd of far-left extremists; then, she found herself forced to backtrack and ended up apologizing for her “insensitivity” in a long post.