Аntifa Members Charged with ‘Conspiracy’ for Assaulting Trump Supporters

Antifa activists are typically partly or fully black-clad, and are violence-prone. (Flick)

For the first time, members of Antifa have been slapped with conspiracy charges over a case from January, in which they violently attacked a group of Trump supporters in San Diego, California.

Antifa Assaults are Becoming More Frequent

Incidents in which masked Antifa activists have been attacking groups or individuals appear to have grown substantially since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and even more so since the administration of Joe Biden took over in January.

The Antifa members are typically prepared to assault anybody who disagrees with their radical leftist, Marxist, and woke agenda.

Numerous violent Antifa members seem to have been able to get away with the violence they’ve started to perpetrate routinely, especially in cities run by Democrat administrations.

Many Antifa-linked rioters have managed to avoid serious punishments either by not being caught at all, or by being charged with only minor offenses – regardless of the fact that they tend to commit politically motivated acts of aggression.

Antifa members and allies are increasingly perpetrating political violence across the US. (Flickr)

Incident Wasn’t ‘Mutual Fray’

The arrests and charges have been made over an assault from January 9, 2021, when a massive crowd of Antifa rioters violently targeted a small group of Trump supporters, who rallied at San Diego’s Pacific Beach.

That is precisely why the Antifa activists have been charged with “conspiracy to commit a riot”, plus assault and “illegal use of tear gas”.

The office of San Diego DA Summer Stephan emphasized an analysis of the video evidence showed Antifa was the party that “overwhelmingly” committed the violence in the incident.

According to the DA, it wasn’t “a mutual fray” in which both sides encroached equally upon lawful First Amendment rights, such as freedom of expression.

The DA’s conclusion is remarkable because very often, the mainstream media portrays any altercations involving Antifa activists as either being “provoked” by right-wing groups or as being mutually inspired melees.

DA Stephan’s office further said Antifa assaulted the participants in the pro-Trump “Patriot March” at Pacific Beach on January 9 and organized in two groups which then united for the assault.

One of those was local from San Diego, while the other one came from Los Angeles. They organized a week earlier through a social media post published on January 2, in order to take “direct action” against the Trump supporters.

“‘Direct action’ is defined as “acts of violence such as assault, battery, assault with deadly weapons, arson, and vandalism,” the DA’s office said.

Video footage from the attacks, which was shared on Twitter, shows the “violent criminal acts.” Antifa activists can be seen using fists, kicks, wooden chairs, batons, and tear gas to assault five or six Trump supporters.

The Antifa suspects from January 9 were arrested during Southern California police raids at the end of last week; the first six of them were arraigned on Monday.