ISIS Ecstatic Over Bloody Russia – Ukraine War

The world has been watching in shock and horror as Russia has been mauling and destroying Ukraine in a totally unjustified way.

Even those few powers around the world who support Russian dictator Vladimir Putin have been calling for an end to the conflict and violence and for a peaceful solution.

Can ISIS Be Gloating More Over the Ukraine War?

The hardcore medieval, murderous ISIS has no regard for human life.

In a recent edition of its newsletter “al-Naba”, ISIS dedicated an entire page to an article about Vladimir Putin’s vicious invasion of Ukraine, as cited by The Daily Mail.

In it, the Islamic State lauded the Russian-Ukrainian war as what it says is a “divine punishment” not just for the nations fighting each other directly, but for the entire West.

ISIS also “generously” hopes the war leads to much greater chaos and destruction for Christian and Western nations; apparently, it considers Putin’s Russia among the latter and would thus help destroy “Islam’s enemies”.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows fully destroyed homes in Ukraine’s Sumy after Russian bombing)

ISIS Prays for ‘Perpetuating’ of Christians’ Wars

The medieval Crusaders had a limited spatial and time impact, but have been widely employed by the propaganda of radical Islamists and terrorists as a giant “scarecrow” for instilling hatred of Christians among Muslims.

In its bizarre op-ed, ISIS urged Muslims not to take any side in the war between the “Orthodox [Christian] crusaders.”

The Islamic State propagandists then went further to declare the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a “punishment” for Christians predicted in the Quran, the holy book of Islam.

ISIS also argued that Putin’s attack on Ukraine is “no surprise” because of the “rivalry” between Russia and the United States for control over Eastern Europe, and also because of the latter’s strategy to “contain” the former.

The entire article expresses the jubilation of the radical Islamist terrorists, who managed to kill 13 US troops last August at the airport in Kabul because of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal and evacuation.

The article then made sure to deliver a prediction that “the next wars” among Christian nations would bring about much more “destruction and death” for the “enemies of Islam”.

The ISIS op-ed concludes that the terrifying Russian – Ukrainian War is “an amusing punishment” for the Christians’ “disbelief” in the almighty God. It also goes on to include a prayer of sorts to the said God to “perpetuate their wars,” as well as “break their hearts”.

In the previous edition of its newsletter, ISIS condemned the forces of Chechen leader and close Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov for fighting in Ukraine on Russia’s side – as they are technically part of the Russian government’s own military.