Jill Biden Only Makes It to the Tip of Ukraine

(Social media footage shows Jill Biden with Olena Zelenska in Ukraine's Yzhgorod)

First Lady Jill Biden is stepping up to fill the shoes of her questionably adequate husband, Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden.

She visited plucky Ukraine, amid its hellishly bloody war to defend against the invasion of Putin’s Russia.

Although she barely even entered the country, making it only to its “tip” and safest point.

Jill’s the Most Ukraine Gets from the Biden Administration

Jill Biden’s visit on Sunday to the westernmost tip of Ukraine wasn’t just her staying as far away from Putin’s missiles as possible. It was also a secret, previously unannounced visit, and lasted barely two hours.

In contrast to Sleepy Joe’s First Lady, though, other high-profile visitors in Ukraine on Sunday – U2 legends Bono and The Edge – did go all the way to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and its northern suburbs.

They saw first-hand the traces of harrowing war crimes and acts of genocide committed by the Russians.

Biden’s wife, Jill, who routinely acts as his main caretaker, did make it to Ukrainian territory on Sunday, Mother’s Day, as part of a four-day tour in Europe.

Jill Biden visited Uzhgorod, a city of about 100,000 people, in the very west of Ukraine.

This is the country’s furthest point from Russia and the Russian-occupied slivers of territory in the east and south, roughly 1,000 kilometers (630 miles) away from the border of mainland Russia.

(Social media footage shows Jill Biden with Olena Zelenska in Ukraine’s Uzhgorod)

Jill Biden’s Showing Up Barely Qualifies as a Visit

The First Lady made it there by land from Slovakia, Ukraine’s neighbor to the west, where she also met with Ukrainian refugees, The Daily Mail reported.

A day earlier, Jill Biden did the same in Romania, another one of Ukraine’s western neighbors, also a key US ally in Eastern Europe.

During her surprise visit to the westernmost tip of the territory of Ukraine, Jill Biden was welcomed at a local school by her Ukrainian counterpart, Olena Zelenska, the wife of Ukraine’s brave leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In her comments at the meeting, Biden stated that she explicitly wanted to make it to Ukraine “on Mother’s Day” in order to demonstrate that the American people “stand with” Ukraine.

Officials from the Biden administration made it clear that Jill’s visit to Ukraine’s Uzhgorod wasn’t announced in advance for security reasons. The city she went to is barely a 10-minute drive from Slovakia, i.e. the safety of NATO territory.

Jill Biden’s visit to Ukraine, in her own right, makes her the third member of the Biden family to have been to the country.

Joe Biden, along with his “prodigal son” Hunter Biden, seems to have been mired in suspicious post-communist dealings as a member of the board of local energy company Burisma in Ukraine.